February 24 2009

Massachusetts Teacher Runs Off With Teen Student

lisa lavoieHere it is only February, and we already have our second teacher student sex scandal of the year.

24-year-old Holyoke, Massachusetts teacher Lisa Lavoie was arrested Monday night in Morgantown, West Virginia after fleeing with a 15-year-old student a week ago.  According to CNN, the parents of the unnamed child first reported their suspicions to the police on Friday, February 13th.  The police went to the Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School to question her, but she had already left for the day.  They were going to try again on Monday the 16th, but that entire week was a break for the school.  The student was reported missing that day, but the teacher was not reported until Monday the 23rd when she did not show up for work.

The police used financial and cellular communication records to trace the duos whereabouts, but they know they were in Vermont on last Thursday, and were in West Virginia on Monday.  An arrest could not be issued until more evidence was gathered, once it was, the Morgantown police were sent to pick up the teacher and charge her with enticement of a child, and statutory rape is still being investigated.  Ms. Lavoie, who had the student in her 8th grade class, has only been teaching at the school for 5 months, and she has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation into the allegations continues.

Christine McCallum was the first teacher scandal of the year, and that was just back on January 11th, and I was blown away we already had one this year, but even this one seems a bit early for the year.  Most of these types of scandels tend to happen later in the spring, towards the end of the school year, so it seems some teachers wanted to get an early start this year.  Never mind that I think that Ms. Lavoie may be the first to have been a teacher less than a year before getting involved in such a situation.

My biggest uestion in this case (beyond the usual “Why?”) is why the police didn’t pursue things further on that first Friday.  Did they go to the school and go, “Oh, she’s not here?  Oh, well then, no possible problems will happen over the weekend, no need for us to go to her home and question her!”  Why was there no follow up from the police at that point?  Why did the mother wait until the 16th to report the son missing?  Did she not notice on the 14th or 15th?

There are several questions remaining in this one, but at least the boy is now safe, and hopefully some of the answers will come out as to what motivated yet another teacher to commit the ultimate betrayal of parental trust.

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