February 28 2009

Spider-Man Swings On To Broadway; Fans Weep

spiderman on broadwaySometimes there are bad ideas, and sometimes there are monumentally bad ideas.

I first mentioned the Spider-Man Broadway show back in April of 2007, and it is just finally coming togehter with previews starting January 16, 2010, and full production begins February 18, 2010.  Considering how nine shows recently closed their doors on Broadway, I’m not sure right now is the best time to be launching a new show with a multi-million dollar budget, let alone one that is just probably going to be filled with angsty sounding songs about how much Spider-Man’s life sucks.

I love Broadway shoes, so I don’t say this out of a dislike for the style, I just feel that this is a show that’s going to be any more than a marketing gimmick without a whole lot of substance.  I’m sure far more effort is going into making some amazing effects to make it look like he is swinging through the city streets, but that does not necessairly mean the story will be any good.

There was a time I would have killed for the exposure comic book properties are getting now, and while putting them out as movies has certainly worked, I just don’t know about a singing and dancing Spider-Man is going to have the same allure.  Clearly Marvel, the company behind the comics and this show) think it will work, and getting half of U2 to help you with your music doesn’t hurt, but I just get a really sinking feeling in my gut that this thing is going to go so wrong that it will damage the planned fourth film, not to mention the comics themselves.

I hope I’m wrong and it is a huge success, just don’t ask me to hold my breath over it.

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