March 3 2009

Rachael Ray Defends Her FHM Photo Shoot; No One Cares

rachael ray fhmFor some reason Nightline though Rachael Ray was worth interviewing, and the subject of those infamous FHM photos came up.

I say “infamous” because for the life of me I have never been able to figure out why FHM thought they was reason enough to ask her to pose, and then why she was willing to accept.  Although she may have accepted because she originally thought the title stood for “Food and Home”.

Yeah… I know… she’s a brain trust as that would have been”FandH”,  “FaH” or “FH”, not “FHM”.  No one ever said she was quick.

What we did learn from the interview, which I did not watch, but saw the clip later, was that her mother was, and still if, furious over the photos.  Yet, oddly, her husband was all for them!  Imagine that.  Truly surprising.

I have never made my utter hatred of this woman exactly a secret around this blog, but I truly can’t figure out why anyone finds her even remotely interesting.  The fact that Nightline wanted to interview her is odd enough, but why bring up these photos that were published in 2003?  Did anyone even remember they were still out there?  Did anyone even care?  Cynthia McFadden, the reporter interviewing her, acted like it was some great revelation they even existed.  Anyone who has ever done an Internet search on the woman’s name has seen them, even I knew they existed and I can’t stand the woman!

You can watch the video on the Nightline site if you want (I couldn’t find an embed feature), but it just makes me laugh how the whole subject is broached like its some horrid secret from her past.

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