March 8 2009

Lars Ulrich Of Metallica Admits To Being A Music Pirate

lars ulrichLars Ulrich, the drummer and founder of Metallica, has admitted to pirating music off of the Internet.

This wouldn’t be worth even mentioning if it was just about any other musician on Earth, but when you were one of the most vocal opponents to Napster, leading to its eventual downfall, it pretty much leads to every blog on Earth calling you a hypocrite.  True, Mr. Ulrich has seemingly changed his stance on music piracy in general as of late, but now that he has publicly admitted to having done the same, you really can’t help shake your head at his idiocy.

The story goes as follows.

“I sat there myself and downloaded [METALLICA’s latest CD] ‘Death Magnetic’ [illegally] from the Internet just to try it,” he told Eddie Trunk of VH1 Classic’s series “That Metal Show”. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is how it works.’ I figured if there is anybody that has a right to download ‘Death Magnetic’ for free, it’s me. I sat there one night at my house with about six of my friends and a bottle of wine. And what was it called?! [Trying to think of the name of the file-sharing client he used to download the album] We found it — this was like two or three days after [‘Death Magnetic’] leaked. I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve gotta try this.’ So we sat there, and thirty minutes later, I had ‘Death Magnetic’ in my computer. It was kind of bizarre.”

True, it was his own band’s album, but does Metallica own 100% of the rights, or does their record company own a portion?  If the record company owns any of it, then he technically stole.

That aside, what worries me is this comment of  “I was like, ‘Wow, this is how it works.'”  So Lars has been damning something for years now without understanding what exactly it was he was damning?  He destroyed a business without understanding it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing piracy, but I find it shocking that someone would be so publicly opposed to something he hadn’t even bothered to research or try themselves.  Yes, yes, I know the same thing could be said about my opposition to beastiality, but there is a difference between having sex with an animal and taking 5 minutes to learn how a technology works that you are going to launch a one-man crusade against.

The thing is, the more Lars tries to backpeddle his way out of this whole debacle, he just keeps making it worse.  He’s gone from being anti-piracy, to being somewhat okay with it just a few days before an album’s release to doing it himself.  Where does the insanity end?  Is he going to start leaking albums to the piracy sites himself now?

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Ulrich to just finally drop the subject altogether as each time he attempts to address it again, he just comes off worse.

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  • Luciano

    Your statements are ridiculous, sorry to say.

    I believe you are the one that did not understand what this is all about.

    He was against Napster facilitating his music for free, he is not stealing from anyone by downloading his own creation, its his music. He would be stealing if by downloading it, it would result in him not buying the cd. Since its his own music, he would not go to a shop and buy it. He would also be stealing from the record company if he went into a shop and robbed the actual cd.

    Regarding the downloading experience, you dont have to rob somebody with a gun in order to be able to take a robber to court.

    He did not say he was ok with it either.

    • “True, it was his own band’s album, but does Metallica own 100% of the rights, or does their record company own a portion? If the record company owns any of it, then he technically stole.”

      Did you look into who owns what percentage of the rights?

  • Luciano


  • Luciano

    No, he sus not steal, its like if you buy the álbum and then you make a copy into your mp3 player, you have already paid for the rights, you don’t have to pay again. It’s like if the iTunes charged you twice. Same thing here, he does not have to pay again for sonething he already owns!