March 11 2009

Two Teacher Sex Scandals For The Price Of One!

nef and bowersThe teacher sex scandals keep piling up, but this one brings a whole new twist that I’ve never heard of before.

Linda Nef, 46, and Valynne Bowers, 39, two teachers at Bountiful Jr. High in Bountiful, Utah, were both arrested on Monday with first-degree felony charges of rape and sodomy on a child for both.  Where the unusual twist comes in is that both women slept with the same 13-year-old boy.

Yes, the same boy.

Ms. Nef, the chid’s math teacher, began her relationship with the child in October 2007 and it lasted through December 2008.  That same month, Ms. Bowers, who had the boy in her history class at the time began a relationship with him.  Neither woman knew about the other until the boy told Ms. Bowers he had previously had sex with Ms. Nef.  Upon hearing this, Ms. Bowers confronted Ms. Nef with the information, and afterward, Ms. Nef confessed to the police while also turning in Ms. Bowers.

Can we say “jealousy”?  I knew we could.

Ms. Nef will have her first hearing over the charges on March 27th, while Ms. Bowers has waiver her right to a preliminary hearing and will go directly to a felony court case on March 16th.  Ms. Nef, a teacher with the school since 2004, opted to resign while Ms. Bowers, teaching in the district since 1996, is on administrative leave.

Apparently both relationships progressed in the same method with the boy first talking to them about his personal problems, then moving on to texting, then sexting (you can figure out what that means if you are unfamiliar with the term), moving on to phone sex and then eventually actual intercourse.  The meetings took place in parks, parking lots and assorted homes.

If you do the math, this boy is currently 13, meaning he was either 11 or 12 when he began sleeping with Ms. Nef in October 2007.

This may be a new low in the teacher sex scandals I am so fond of covering.  Not only do I think this was the youngest boy ever, but it is certainly the first to involve two teachers with the same student.  While these teachers are ultimately responsible, you do have to wonder about the boy in this case.  Was Ms. Nef a fluke and he then figured out a formula to use with Ms. Bowers?  Did he use a formula on both?  Or was this just the weirdest case ever of total blind luck?  Somehow I doubt we will ever know the answer to that one.

These women now join the roll call of teacher sex scandals for 2009!

As with every time I write about this despicable act, I am left to wonder “why?”  Why do these teachers do this?  What goes wrong in their minds that they somehow find this to be acceptable behavior?  Do they not see the other news stories from around the country that tell them how badly this can end?  Also, the age old question of, “how in the world do these women find boys this age desirable?”  I think that one puzzles me more than anything.

It’s a sad state of affair folks.

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