March 12 2009

Four Years Of Blogging

fourth birthday1,460 days of blogging down!

Yep. today marks the fourth anniversary of uninterrupted blogging for me.  I wish I could say all of my posts have been masterpieces, but then there are posts like this one from Februry 2006:

is called on account of beer…wooooooooooooooooo *thud*

Yeah… oh well. Oh yeah, and it was called “Today’s Post”, hence it starting with just the word “is”.

When you add in the fact that over the past 18-months I have also been working at Mashable, and I’ve been going almost daily at StarterTech for 11-months now, I do a heck of a lot of blogging each day.  While I did consider cutting back on this site with all of the other work, the record has become like a drug.  I now have to see just how far I can go without missing a day, as opposed to when I used to have make a big announcement that I updated the site once a year or so such as in this screen shot from September 2004 of my site.  My how times have changed over the years.

As with every year, I have to thank Luis at BlogD for inspiring me to try this, and I think it has worked out well for me, and it’s almost like second nature to me to blog each day.  I’m hoping to make it at least one more year without stopping, but I honestly think I may go beyond that, we’ll just have to see when that day comes I suppose.

Thank you to all the readers who have been making this worthwhile.  2008 was the best year yet for the site, and year-to-date the site is running 233.51% ahead of 2008, so this year is off to a spectacular start.  Over the next few months I will be adding a video blog to compliment Scattercast, the audio podcast I have been doing for months now.  And as always, you can subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with all of my latest ramblings.

if you feel so inclined, feel free to leave me some comments about which type of posts I do that you enjoy the most.  Movie reviews?  Rants?  Current news such as the teacher sex scandals and so on?  Let me know, and here’s to another year of me doing the writing, and you all do the reading!

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