March 15 2009

Marvel Shifts Movie Dates

Well, as I predicted, the Marvel movie line-up was overly ambitious.

Marvel seems to have woken up to the fact that they were rushing their films out too fast, and they have announced an adjusted line-up of their films through 2012.  They’ve only shifted three of the movies, but it gives them some more breathing room in the production timeline, and hopefully this will lead to higher quality films.  I imagine this was somewhat assisted by Sony announcing their target date for the fourth Spider-Man movie in May of 2011.

thorThor: formerly July 16, 2010, now June 17, 2011
Captain America: formerly May 6, 2011, now July 22, 2011
The Avengers: formerly July 15, 2011, now May 4, 2012

So the new line-up is (films in bold are part of The Avengers “series”):

There is also some speculation this was somewhat prompted by all of the big named actors being attached to The Avengers, so they may have had to move it further out to accomadate all of the people this film is going to require.  By the time this film roles around they will need Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and which ever actors they choose for the parts of Thor and Captain America will also be in it for sure.  Beyond that, who knows who else they will drag along from these movies to be included, so it is going to be a nightmare scheduling wise to get this many actors together all at once for the project.

One person who is probably thrilled by the move is Jon Favreau, director of the Iron Man films, who is going to serve as a producer on The Avengers.  He was essentially going to have to go directly from work on Iron Man 2 to working on team film, I would imagine he’ll enjoy at least a short break.

I also think this may solve the problem I was concerned with with having the films coming out too fast and wearing out the public.  I would like to see some more space between Thor and Captain America, but oh well, it’s their call.  Lets just hope the public doesn’t fall into super hero fatigue.

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