March 22 2009

I Hate Raccoons

raccoonThis raccoon situation has gotten ridiculous.

Remember back on February 16th when I said I got rid of the problem coon?  Well, as we suspected, it wasn’t alone.  We did eventually catch another… and a very confused possum… but we could still hear one up in the attic of my warehouse.  So, just today we figured out how to seal the holes they were using to come and go, and got our trap wedged through the attic door to try to trap it.

I go home for dinner, come back an hour later, and I hear the trap vibrating like crazy.  Pop the panel to the attic, and sure enough, we have one.  HUZZAH!  So after wrestling him out and properly disposing of him (he’s fine, just had to relocate him to our other property), we settled in for an evening of catching up on work.

… -scratch scratch scratch-

Yep, there is still ANOTHER coon up there!


So, back up the ladder I went, reset the trap again, and now it’s just a waiting game to see how long it takes to get this one.  All I know is I am fed up with raccoons!  They are annoying pests that had made my life miserable thsee past few months, and I just want them gone!


Stupid coons!

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