March 27 2009

Scattercast Episode 36 – Stupid Pollen

Scattercast is 36 and, for some odd reason, 36 is my favorite number.

– The tree pollen in my area is “very high”, and boy am I feeling it.

– Course, the crazy weather that says we will have a winter storm this weekend isn’t helping things either.

– For some unknown reason, I had a heck of a time coming up with posts this week, and I think it showed.

– Pretty soon I will stop carrying teacher sex scandal stories on this site, but I’m not giving up talking about them.

– The rest of the episode is fairly random as I’m not feeling the best.

That’s it for this week… there may be a surprise during the week next week!


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  • Meaghan

    Here's a tip for allergies:

    Find a LOCAL beekeeper and start buying his honey. Ingest a couple of teaspoons everyday either in a drink, on food, or by itself. Because the bees are local, they are pollinating on the villainous plants that are causing your reaction, and buy ingesting their honey you will be creating an immune booster to those allergens. I've included a couple of links, one to help you find a local beekeeper and the other is a link to an article about the relationship between honey and allergies. We are trying this with both my husband and son… so far so good.

    Local Kirksville beekeepers:


    Btw, I have a CardioGlide that is not only excellent for losing weight, is also a fantastic clothes hanger.