March 27 2009

Scattercast Episode 36 – Stupid Pollen

Scattercast is 36 and, for some odd reason, 36 is my favorite number.

– The tree pollen in my area is “very high”, and boy am I feeling it.

– Course, the crazy weather that says we will have a winter storm this weekend isn’t helping things either.

– For some unknown reason, I had a heck of a time coming up with posts this week, and I think it showed.

– Pretty soon I will stop carrying teacher sex scandal stories on this site, but I’m not giving up talking about them.

– The rest of the episode is fairly random as I’m not feeling the best.

That’s it for this week… there may be a surprise during the week next week!

Here’s a link to the MP3 for those who wish to download it, subscribe to Scattercast via iTunes.

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