April 2 2009

Student Teacher Lindsay Massaro Arrested For Sex With An Eigth Grader

lindsay massaroIt would appear that teachers are no longer waiting to be official teachers before engaing in inappropriate contact with their students.

Lindsay Massaro, a 23-year-old student teacher from Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ, has been arrested over a supposed week long affair ending on Saturday March 28th that she had with an eighth grade student in one of her classes at Frankford Elementary School.  According to a press release by the prosecutor’s office she is said to have, “committed acts of sexual penetration and sexual contact with the intimate parts of a minor male.”   She has been charged with second-degree sexual assault, third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and fourth-degree criminal sexual contact.

There is no word on how the affair was discovered, but she was taken into custody on Monday, and released from the county jail on Tuesday on $75,000 bail.  The conditions of her release includes that she has no unsupervised contact with minors under the age of 16, she is to stay away from the school, have no contact with the alleged victim’s family and to undergo a psychological evaluation.

I have to say this may be a new low in the ongoing teacher sex scandals as this woman didn’t even wait to get her state certificate.  Eighth graders are typically either 13 or 14-years-old, so at least she got that part of the trend right.

This women now joins the roll call of teacher sex scandals for 2009!

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion over the image floating around various news outlets that is supposed to be Lindsay Massaro. Until this has been cleared up I have removed the image. UPDATE 2: I finally have her mug shot and it is what you see up top now. Update in regards to comments: I normally leave my comments alone, but the ones on this post are getting a bit out of hand.  You are all entitled to your opinions, but I would request that we try to reign in the language a bit.  The name calling, in my opinion, is totally uncalled for. UPDATE 2/17/10: Comments have been disabled on this post due to the general tone that they have taken.

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Comments (127)

  • trae says:

    yo i woulda banged her to if i was in 8th grade fucking 9th 10th im 22 now and i would have still fucked her she look good, normally you expect the ugly ass teachers to do that shit but she def din'dt need to do that

  • Rhiannon says:

    Wow, Trae, you have a way with words. Unfortunately, you don't know how to spell them. Crack a book, dude. I've read a number of your posts and you make me fret for our future.

  • razzi says:

    does anyone have any further information on this case? I thought the article said her court date was in the beginning of may?

  • Matureperson says:

    Enter text right here!Hope she rots in jail for a good long time. I don;t care what any of you children think, an adult does not have sex with a child period! Any adult that crosses this line is a criminal. She is just one mroe disgusting individual we now have to pay to incarcerate for being a selfish dumbass

  • LINDSAY says:

    HI ALL this is the Lindsay, the girl you are all wasting your time talking about on here. Don't get me wrong I appreciate some of the nice things people have said and I can pin point exactly who said some of the cruel and hateful things. For those of you who don't know me, I can understand reading these articles and formulating your opinions based on the charges. My sister recently called me from accross the country to see if they posted anything in the news about my recent court date and came accross this blog. Honestly, I have not came on the internet to look at anything that google has cached because I am going through enough right now and don't need to get myself down about the media and people who are in their glory to see I have fallen and would love to dote on it. However, I am actually honored that there are ninety six comments about me and still lingering posts becasue that means I have some people out there who come on this site, again and again to see whats new with my case and debate my morals and values. Believe me, I am not proud of what has happened, nor am I about to defend myself to any of you.

  • princess cccc says:

    You can think what you want. But any of you wasting your time to do so, or taking the time to defend me all have a common interest.. Me! Reading all these posts made my mouth drop and quite frankly I am not the slightest bit hurt by reading what people have said because its to be expected from those certain people ( I know who some of you are by the way) and to be expected by the media with such a high profile case. Some of what was said on here in my defense is true and some who label me as a "whore" have something to throw in my face now which is my own fault. In contrast, I have a few things to say to you. I would not be doing this if I wasnt such a hot item on here , but since all of you feel the need to reenter this site and debate, here is your source coming straight from the mouth of the accuser.

  • LINDSAY says:

    I apologize, a friend of mine logged in a few days ago when we discovered this site to respond to "LOU" in my defense. the previous is comment is obviously not her it should be titled by the name "LINDSAY."

    AND Lindsay would just like to take the time out to say a few things:

  • princess cccc says:

    I am so happy you stopped being friends with me because if I was in a healthier state of mind these past few years I would have done so long ago. We both know the reasons your not in my life and my actions have nothing to do with our friendship. With friends like you, people dont need enemies. I am sorry you were so effected by my blessings over the years and they bothered you so much. I see now your gripes with me and am no longer affected by it. I will not forgive you, simply forget because thats all your worth. I am so happy i never have to be in your presence again and hear you belittle others in some hope that you will wake up a happier, prettier, smarter person the next day. You have the power to do that, and it does not come by smiing at other people's misfortunes.

  • LINDSAY says:

    GOD I did it again.. this girls name is stuck in my computer! OOPPS.

  • LINDSAY says:

    I hope you dont effect too many more people with your emotional virus because some of the people that still surround your life are pretty decent people. I can say for myself, I KNOW I will free myself of my emotional virus after putting my family, and all involved with something like this. I have truly seen how my actions have affected those I love and will be a much better person from it all. Jail or no jail. I will spare any details of you, your life , and your character. I am not that low and dont intend to hurt you. I speak the truth and I will spare you and the world from revealing any more about the person underneath because it to so clear without me having to waste another moment writing about it.

  • LINDSAY says:

    2. To all I met while student teaching. Thanks for your defense, but my actions were not right. There are many ways I would have been a great teacher and friend to some of you. However, I do not deserve the title and could not handle the responsibility if I were to get my certificate. In no way shape or form do I feel I should be looked at as a role model after what has transpired and I have no justifucation for tampering with that. I will choose a new career path and will always regret ruining this one. Please do not continue posting on here. For the sake of the kid and for the sake of the school.

    3. To all my wonderful friends who have posted, you do not need to defend me. Thank you so much for caring so much, but it does not matter what people say. Noone knows me, or what I have been through. Noone needs to. People can think what they want becasue in the end, I know who i am and who i will be.

  • LINDSAY says:

    4. To the person posting pictures of me from halloween. Please stop. I know some men think with only one head, but it is not fair to do that to me, nor respectful . Despite my disrespect for myself and my future profession, Please have some respect.

    5. To the host of this blog. Would you mind locking out the comments or deleting the blog all together? I need some peace.

    Thanks for listening and I hope all of you just leave this site alone.

    • Sean P. Aune says:

      Deletion will never happen. Comment locking, maybe, but post deleting is not an option.

      • LINDSAY says:

        It would be very considerate of you to simply take down this article. If you are the one hosting it, you should be able to take it down. There are plenty of articles floating around. I am now aware of that . However, this one due to the fact people dont have to make an account to post, is getting a lot of heated arguments. Nevertheless, it is not right that students at the school have posted. It would be greatly appreciated if you had a heart to take it down.

        • Sean P. Aune says:

          Well, the story is a matter of public record, so it will not be taken down. Would a newspaper take it down? No. The post stands.

          • LINDSAY says:

            I am done with this site, said what I had to say in hopes I would keep people away from the debate and off this site since its gotten so many people in such a roar over my case. Appartanly you thrive off this shit so hopefully some of your other news articles ( although poorly and uncreatively written) will get as much attention as this one. Many other sites have comments but none where students names were mentioned where I was student teaching, nor such harsh language used. Since apparantly students have come on this site, if you were such a child advocate you would take it down. As a matter of fact, I am sure since the kid's name is mentioned…I could get my lawyer involved. However, I will not waste anymore time on this site. It was a mistake to ever google myself and come accross this above all the other articles….

  • LINDSAY says:

    1. To the women with the false name "Lou" and "Jud" I am 98.67 percent positive your real name is [redacted].
    I have not much to say to you because your character shines through to the world. You dont have to make mistakes or fuck up your immediate future to be miserable. You are miserable and were never my sister! Far from it. It is very blantanly obvious you have been tormented by jealousy throughout the years in our friendship and no surprise to me that you have abandoned me. I am clearly the victim in the friendship and have always been subjected to you tryintg to compete with me and talk down to me. I dont care what you know about my past because we all have done things we are not proud of. I am not making excuses for myself but human nature is to make mistakes and to call someone such horrible names and hoping that they rot in jail after a ten year friendship just screams a person who was threatened by my success and existance. I would never sit here and say things about your past because i feel it would harm your already weak and childish ego.

  • LINDSAY says:

    I have BIGGER things to worry about than this and will notify my family members and close friends to come to me about my case rather than notify me about the appauling internet blogs two months after my arrest and counting- still folks are blogging about it! I will inform those who care about my privacy to not waste their time engaging in disscusion under your -copied from a press release- brainless- attempt at being a writer.

    Thanks for your "consideration" and good luck posting more news with this many revisits.

    • Sean P. Aune says:

      1. Provide one shred of evidence that you are really Lindsay would help your case with me a lot. For all I know you are one of the other commenters pretending to be her.

      2. If you really are Lindsay, lecturing me on the welfare of children? Really? Seeing as the real Lindsay, presuming it isn't you as I suspect, has admitted guilt in this case as of this week, I'll really just sit back in amazement at the concept.

      3. Oh yes, insulting me helps your case immensely.

      4. Before you revived it and brought attention to this, there had been no comments in 3 weeks.

      5. Googling your name, my article comes up on page 5… have fun convincing the other 4 pages of entries on removing the stories.

  • The Collective says:

    Damn!! She is hot !! Like a f*****g porn star!!

  • ??? says:

    EWW all I can say is why would a girl of that magnitude of hottness sleep with a fifteen year old pimply boy??? makes no sense.. he prob loved it.

  • Micklove says:

    OKayyyy I know this kid, his name is Eric and this grosses me out. He is a weirdo, a nice kid but weirdddd and not hot!! why would she sleep with him. I cant believe they had sex!!! gross.

  • Pedophile Hater says:

    WOW….She is a complete psycho! I cannot believe that girl had the balls to come on this website and try and explain herself. I really hope that's not her for MANY reasons. First off, she just admitted her guilt on the world wide web for EVERYONE to see. If her case is still pending she is royally screwed! What a moron!

    Also, how can she even badger this websites host for "not being creative?" What the hell is she even talking about? Yea, maybe if we all had more creative brains like yourself and "better things to do" we'd all sleep with children! In fact, the molesting of a children wouldn't even be illegal in a creative world like yours!

    To top it all off, she doesn't even use correct grammar and has a truckload of misspelled words. Some writer she is! What is she going to come out with a book about her pedophile days? Yea hunie get your lawyer involved. He's going to tell you that you should've thought about your reputation BEFORE you decided to sleep with a LITTLE BOY. I doubt he can even stomach you or what you did.

    This is just beyond LOLs and beyond any sort of reasoning. Did a pedophile really come on this website and try and justify what they did? This is narcissistic behavior at its best folks. Study up, she is the perfect example!

    You know what? I'm going to post this on my myspace and facebook for everyone to see ONLY because that crazy lunatic came on here begging for it to be shut down! There's seriously a billion other articles if you google her name so what is she going to do? Hunt them all down with her woe for me sob story? YOU ARE A PEDOPHILE! YOU SLEPT WITH A 15 YEAR OLD BOY. NO ONE IS GOING TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A YOUNG HORMONAL BOY. You need to be in JAIL right now! Not on your laptop trolling websites looking to try and justify what you did or ask hosts to remove your article. LOL, no REALLY LOL.

    AND YEA, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COMMENT ABOUT IT, BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! Most people are worried about the welfare of CHILDREN. That's right, you slept with a CHILD. This story is about the LITTLE BOY you molested, not you! You need to get over yourself, oh wait you can't, you're a narcissist! They really need to screen people better before they let them around children!

    I'm so done. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED! I really hope that is a fake and not the real molester. I really, really, really do pray. What has this world come to if that is really her?

  • Hackgal says:

    I used to work with her. And All she did was smoke pot and try to sleep with any guy she could. This does not surprise me what so ever!! And her Friends…. They are ALL just as bad…

  • cousin says:

    thats not her, Lindsay does not even look at this stuff. Trust me, there are tons of ppl in the town we grew up in saying things to defend or go against her. Apparantly someone posed as her. Her family urged her not to read this shit from day one. She is not a monster, she took responsibility for herself and had not once made an excuse for her actions, only implied she is a good person who needs to figure out why she would allow herself to be sexual with a student. However, not even the courts have viewed Lindsay as "molestor". it is the statatory age issue and many people do sleep with underage girls or guys and never get caught. It is sad so many ppl came on here to embarass her or to bother with this. I have not until months later because i did not want it to make me upset to see ppl talking about my cousin this way. She is a great person who is paying for her lack of judgement and sorting out her life issues.

  • cousin says:

    She has come very far since her arrest and im sad to see ppl STILL on here making this haunt her when she has moved on and is ready to pay the consequences. Please, leave my cousin alone, she is not a pedofile, or a monster, just a young girl with some issues that caused her to make a bad choice. We all make mistakes, stop being so harsh with your words, when you dont even know a person.

  • Guess Who says:

    HaHa, all very interesting comments…..knew her father and his family……the apple did not fall far from the tree…..he is a dirtbag and will always be….thank goodness she is out of the school system, we certainly don't need more sexual predators….a zebra never changes their stripes!
    P.S. if you are going to comment on websites, please learn to spell or use the dictionary!

    • ............. says:

      HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU TALK ABOUT THE FAMILY IN THIS MATTER. TOO BAD YOUR WRONG about the family. Her father happens to be my uncle . Wait guess who? do u even know him. Apparantly not. He did the best he could raising a family given circumstances that are none of your god damn business!!!! Do you have kids? apparantly not otherwise you wouldnt be on here talking about Carmen and Lindsay's family. DID you know he has a 5 yr old daughter? what if she comes on here one day and reads these comments. You should bury yourself alive after a that comment. And chances are Uncle Carmen probaly fucked one of your girlfriends and thats why your hating. He was a popular guy in town and jealousy is an apparant issue for many of the ppl coming on here to bash the Massaro's. Too bad no matter what mistakes ppl make in their life, Lindsays had to be all over the news. Everyone has skeltons in their closet, and anyone who says they dont, and bother bashing others has guilty writtten all over their face. Show me someone who hasnt made a mistake and I will show you a fuckin Liar. Your a piece of shit. Rot in hell.

  • .... says:

    This is a close friend of Lindsay's . I have posted these comments as her in desperate hopes someone would take this article down. I can pin point some of the terrible people from her past commenting on here and they disgust me. Lindsay has admitted to her mistakes, never once acted as though what she did was okay and I have gotten very close with her since her arrest. I KNOW she is a good person, and even the courts know she is not a pedofile. Top doctors in the state have evaluated her and this was clearly an act of naive emotional distress.

  • all says:

    This kid is 16 now and I wish Lindsay would stick up for herself with all the judgemental people and "friends" who abandoned her becasue they are selfish pieces of shit. I wish she had the strength to come on here and walk with her head held high. This girl is one of the best people i know, her and her family are good people and its a shame her mental breakdown resulted in such a public horror. For all you haters, she is doing great now! better than ever. I know that must pain you all to see. She is still gorgeous, thats something she is truly blessed with and definitely half the reason her case got so much publicity.

  • the end...... says:

    This was a consensual crime, not a smart thing for her to do, but certainly not something that deserves a day in jail! She feels more guilt than she even needs to but im happy to say she is doing much better 7 months later. Im sure all you haters will love to hear this but she is now happy as can be and happily in love, with a great family, and now she actually has REAL friends and not a bunch of fake bitches who were secretly wishing she would fail in life and shes back in school, with many ideas for her future. I am glad Lindsay has come this far after such a horrible time and its a shame ppl cant be more supportive and pray for her wellbeing and to uncover any issues she had rather than beign so cruel , but i guess thats whats to be expected from people who come on these sights to see who out there they can rag on to make their miserable drama filled lives seem less pathetic. I love ya Linds, and i only did this to stick up for you and help you get some balls pretty. Even though you will prob never read this, casue you refused from day one, i got your back . best friends forever!

  • ............. says:

    So I hope all you dickholes get a LIFE!!!!

  • Yep says:

    Lindsey is working @ Knight Riders/Tan by Knight now!!! I'm sure she is back to screwing the owner like she used to!!!!!

    • ... says:

      if you cant spell lindsay right, you certainly dont know who she screwed…or anything else about her… peoples comments on here really make me sick being a close friend of hers and knowing the person she is just boggles my mind.. the girl made one FUCKIN mistake. let up. shes a nice person with so much going for her once this mess is behind her.. wow ppl are so so cruel and heartless.

  • pityfull says:

    like you stated …..doesn't matter where she is working today…i am sure her stripes haven't changed! I worked for a school district ( and even if I didn"t) ….as a parent " I DO NOT" want to hear or feel unsafe that an adult like Lindsey is out there lurking young boys…what next? Whoever beleives she is totally recovered…God Bless You,,,, but just keep her away from our kids!!!!