April 9 2009

Jennifer Lea Burton

jennifer lea burtonA 39-year-old teacher and coach at Orangefield Junior High School in Orangefield, TX has been indicted by a grand jury for an improper relationship with a female student.

Jennifer Lea Burton has been indicted on three counts of sexual assault and three counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student for a supposed relationship she had with a 15-year-old student between September and November of 2008.  Both of the cases are considered 2nd degree felonies, and she is facing multiple counts of each.  Her punishments could range from two years probation to 20 years in prison with fines of $10,000 for each count.

Ms. Burton has been teaching in the school district since 2003, but was put on leave on March 30th when the district officials learbed of the charges and investigation.  She was coaching volleyball, basketball and track, and has a daughter of her own who is in the 8th grade in the school district.

Currently she is not in custody, and authorities are recommending that she turn herself in before they have to arrest her.  Bonds will be set at $15,000 each for the three counts of sexual assualt, and $10,000 each for the counts of Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student.

This women now joins the roll call of teacher sex scandals for 2009!

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