April 9 2009

Police Evidence Photos Of Shamwow Guy Vince Shlomi Leak

shamwow guyThe police evidence photos of Vince Shlomi’s altercation with a hooker have leaked, and they are less than pretty.

Vince Shlomi, better known as “The Shamwow Guy”, was in a fight with a hooker named Sasha Harris back in February.  The story goes that Mr. Shlomi met Ms. Harris in a Miami bar and agreed to pay her “around $1000” for “straight sex” and then took her back to his $750-a-night hotel room at the Setai hotel.  Once there, they began kissing, and Mr. Shlomi claims that Ms. Harris bit his tongue and would not let go.  To free himself he punched her repeatedly until he was freed, and then fled to the hotel lobby to get security.  The police were called, and both of them were taken into custody on felony battery charges.  The prosecutor eventually did not follow through on the charges, but the reason for that is unknown.

The original news of the Shamwow Guy’s arrest was reported back on March 27th, and now this has been followed up by police evidence photos of the incident that have made their way on to the Internet thanks to The Smoking Gun.

shamwow evidence

The full gallery includes more images of Vince and, the seemingly unconscious, Sasha handcuffed to their hospital beds.  The hotel room where the incident happened is  quite a site, including a blood covered phone, blood on the door to the room, blood out in the hallway… basically there is blood everywhere.

I am curious as to why all charges were dropped as the photos are pretty damning that there was indeed quite the fight.  What I am even more puzzled by is why this guy’s commercials are still running on TV, especially the one for the Slap Chop.  That thing is just in bad taste at this point.  Maybe they don’t think that many people know about this incident, or perhaps they just don’t care that their spokesman hires hookers?  Still, an interesting story, and the gallery of evidence photos is really odd, but fascinating.

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