April 10 2009

Scattercast Episode 38 – The Times, They Are A Changin’

Scattercast is 38… and still coughing here and there.

– Finally feeling better, but you’ll still hear me coughing here and there.

– The final Coon Hunt ’09 Update

– News on where you can now me doing my professional blogging. and will be the main places.

– I blogged a lot more than usual this week… and I liked it!

The FCC is going to “study” the broadband situation in the USA… joy… I rant on this for the majority of the episode.

That’s it for this week… there may be a surprise during the week next week!


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  • Added the 2 sites to my GReader :D

  • Loved the podcast, again in the gym :D I agree with you on the need for our Internet system to be faster. I'm not comfortable with net neutrality right now because its being linked with the far left that want to use it as a means to shut down right leaning blogs, like mine. But if its only used they way you explained it, yes – I'd be for it.

    • The -true- meaning of \\"net neutrality\\" is that all data is treated equally, with no preference given to one piece of data over another. Any one who is saying different is twisting the meaning of it.