April 12 2009

47-Year-Old Susan Boyle Wows The Judges On Britain’s Got Talent

susan boyleSusan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent this week, and to say she wowed the judge and audience would be an understatement.

Seeing as I live in the United States, I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent, but, then again, I don’t watch America’s Got Talent either.  I’ve never been big on the “talent” style shows like American Idol, but then tonight a video was making the rounds on Twitter, and considering it seemed to leave everyone speechless, I went ahead and checked it out.

Same as its American counterpart, Britain’s Got Talent consists of common British folk coming on the show to display their talents, whatever they may be. Unlike American Idol they can dance, sing, play instruments, even spin plates if they want, it really is open to all talents. In the early rounds the judges, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, can say if someone is passing on to the later rounds, or they can stop them there, and even stop the performance by hitting their big X lights.

In this week’s episode, Susan Boyle, who is 47-years-old and hails from West Lothian in Scotland, came on the show. She informed the television audience that she lives alone with her cat Pebbles, and has never even been kissed, let alone had a boyfriend. When she took the stage the audience and judges were snickering alike… and then she sang.

The old saying of “don’t judge a book by its cover” is the first thing that pops into my head, how about yours?
Amazing Performance by 47yr Old on Britan’s Got TalentMore amazing videos are a click away

If there ever was a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, it is obviously Susan Boyle.  I hate to admit it, but I was snickering along with the audience when she took the stage in her awkward little way.  Shame on me.

I also have to admit it is very rare for me to actually watch a shared video on Twitter, it is even odder for me to watch the whole thing, but I have watched this one a couple times thus far.  Her voice is simply amazing.  If I had the ability to vote in this show, I would be, and I don’t even know if there is someone with more talent performing, but I find that difficult to imagine.

Good luck, Ms. Boyle, but somehow I doubt you’re going to need it if you keep wowing the audience and judges like this.

UPDATE: You can see the Susan Boyle CBS The Early Show interview here.

Update 2: Hear Susan Boyle sing “Cry Me A River”.

Make sure to check out for all of the latest Susan Boyle relate news!

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  • Meaghan

    I just about fell out of my chair when she started singing! She's absolutely amazing!

    • beverly

      I want more!!!! she is amazing!

  • Watch the full audition here!

  • between L and N.

    she really is amazing. nothing's better, though, than having the ability to prove people wrong in such a big way. every time they showed the audience, i kept saying, "in your face! in your face!"

    • I agree with you. (I know, what a shock) And everyone in that audience got what they deserved for their eye rolling.

  • Lowry

    No performer has moved me so much and so unexpectedly in recent memory. I have never watched a video over and over all the while being emotionally moved with each repetition. Susan does not need spandex, lighting, décolleté, dancers and make-up to make her appealing. She has what so many of today's pop divas lack–raw, unadulterated talent and a dose of humility to go with it. Susan's powerful voice has already touched me, and I am looking forward to hearing much more of her in the future. What a kick in the butt for sexism and ageism–we are never too old to live our dreams.

    • I couldn\\'t agree with you more. I have gone back and watched it multiple times now, it\\'s addictive. And, like you, I still have an emotional reaction each time.

  • Lynn Schumann

    I have watched Susan Boyle 10 times since receiving it from my friend (YESTERDAY!). I weep, while enduring 'goose bumps', and enjoy the experience each time. I hope we have the pleasure of hearing and seeing Ms. Boyle again soon.

  • Sandy

    Susan Boyles' voice and the whole privelege of watching her and listening to her has been a thrill and an emotional experience every time, I keep getting teary eyed and I hope with all my heart that she is given opportunities to share her wonderful talent with the rest of the world. Her voice is clear and angelic, I wish her the best and I hope to hear her voice again soon…

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  • Socrates the Greek

    'Never judge a book by its cover" Susan Boyle's will become a famous movie one day, and I sincerely hope the real Susan Boil who has up lifted us all will be alive to enjoy here quantum leap into stardom, by being simple and humble, proving many wrong who support imposing artificial limits thus making it bad for Susan Boyle, and unfair to the system of fairness known to man.
    Susan Boil has over night become a star with brilliant reflection.

  • Desertblonde

    Susan brings tears to our eyes with her clear and angelic voice. God has certainly blessed her with this talent.

  • John

    Write your comment here…This is the problem with the music industry. They're obsessed with "the look", packaging, marketing a product, the right formula, mold, etc. The public is tired of being manipulated by the media. You are living proof that the best is undiscovered. God bless you Susan. You are God's wake up call to us. Your example is what we love, and want!

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  • Karen

    Write your comment here…

  • Leslie Kenyon

    I don't understand how anyone could snicker at someone just because they are trying to sing something. When I first saw the tape and didn't know the outcome, I wanted to punch everyone that was so rude to this woman. There is nothing funny about being mean to someone because of their looks whether they can sing of not. Anyway, I was thrilled when she showed them up with her fantastic voice and grace at handling such rude remarks with humor. I hope she has all the luck and fortune due to such a charming, talented woman.



  • shen

    i really wish her life story will be made into a movie very soon,and i am very sure she will make many millions with it for creating a unique history that impresses not only in the minds but right into our hearts.This is what we call hidden talent to the world.praise God ,He does give each one an outstanding talent ,it is just whether we have used it or not.

  • James

    I'm in the USA.I hope we are able to get copies of her records when they do come out..I just know this amazing lady will become the next megastar of the intertainment world.She desrves it all.God bless you Ms Susan.We love you.
    Thank you for your wonderful talent.

  • John

    Susan Boil should have been treated better before she show the world her greatness and all who rolled their eyes when Susan told the judges her dream should be a shamed of themselves. God bless you Susan and I am only sorry it took this long for you to realize your greatness. You are an amazing person with the voice of an angel. I have no doubt that all your dreams will be coming true soon.

  • Richard

    Incredible performance,I ended up in tears,GOD doesnt judge us by whats on the outside,but He looks at the heart and so should we.

  • Sandy

    I, like everyone else was totally thrilled by Susan and her magnificent voice. I admire her strong spirit, and hope after these many years that her talent is recognized world wide, Hurry up with that first CD, we love you Susan

  • sandy

    i think susan has got and amazing go for your dream i am waiting for that cd you look grate
    keep going and dont look back you got my vote

  • Thomas Beland

    I unlike most others wasn't suprised by the fact that this woman could sing.I take it for granted she could and I wasn't disapointed by her preformance,I was thrilled!
    I only hope we don't forget her in the croud she deserves all that life and fame can offer her!Her desier for sucess should be realised and surpassed .
    I will leave it at ,I hope she receves all the fame and hopfuly fortune she so well deserves.!!!!
    Best of all life can offer her.Tom