April 14 2009

Deadliest Catch Season 5 Premiere Brings More Questions Than It Answers

deadliest catchWant to know which boat sinks on the Deadliest Catch season 5? Want to know what happens to Phil Harris from the Cornelia Marie? You’ve come to the right place.

The fifth season premiere of Deadliest Catch sure led you to believe that Keith Colburn and The Wizard sink this season, but I am happy to tell you that it does not.  As I mentioned in an earlier post in regards to this season, a cod fishing ship, the Katami, was lost in the same area that all the crab ships were in.  The ship went down and there were 4 survivors, but sadly 5 fisherman lost their lives back in October.

As for Captain Phil Harris, he does miss King Crab season, but reports are that he returns in time for opilio season.  There has been no word on what happens with his blood clots, but seeing as he did listen to his doctor for the first half of the season, it’s probably safe to assume that he is cleared health wise when he comes back.

Sadly there are no other Deadliest Catch season 5 spoilers at this time that I know of, but here are images of all of this year’s crews.

Cornelia Marie

The crew of the Cornelia Marie. Left to right: deckhand Jake Harris, deckhand Dave Millman, Captain Phil Harris, Deckhand Murray Gamrath (front), Deckhand Mark Anderson, Deckhand Josh Harris

Lisa Marie

The crew of the Lisa Marie


The crew of the Northwestern

The Wizard

The crew of The Wizard. Left to right: Crosby LeVeen, Cooper Weatherby, Lenny Lekanoff, Lynn Guitard, Gary Soper, Captain Keith Colburn, and Monte Colburn

The Time Bandit

The Crew of the Time Bandit


The crew of the Trailblazer. Deckhand Chet Hamilton (green jacket), Deckhand/Engineer Monte Beck, Deckhand/Engineer Tristen Burris, Deckhand Victory Swan, Deckhand Scott Newman, Deckhand Scott “Sky” Doar

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UPDATE 02/10/10Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie has passed away

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  • Y Medero

    THE BEST SEASON PREMIERE EVER! It was full of suspense, emotional and of course boost your adredaline, you keep up with this guys lifes in some ways you welcome them to yours and if one of them is hurt or sick you get worried and if they make a good catch you get all excited, Is an awesome program, And even shows the value of life (is so delicate, and they risk them for survive and provide to they'r famillies)

  • Just Dandy

    Just an update to wrong info, the katami did sink however was not in the crab boat area. The coast guard copter went for 9 hours through the night and reached the scene 600 miles from the base.

  • A Mourning Fan

    Captain Phil will be missed by many fans. And I'm sure one of them. It's almost like loosing a friend. After all, the guy spent several years visiting me "in my livingroom" once a week via TV. I'm glad that Discovery Channel did this show, because not only did it preserve his legacy for us (and I'm sure even moreso people like Jake and Josh) to be able to see him whenever we want, but so many people would never know who this rugged fisherman was without it.

  • davy

    I was just watching the latest shoe of D C & my honest opionion of Keith is that he is a Complete asshole & if I was fishing with him I would have NO trouble throwing him opver board

  • tomahawk1

    hey davy boy, u captain a crab boat,captain keith runs a tight ship and provides his crew and there familys food and a roof over there heads,my hats off to for u davy boy theres a locker with the name of jones on it waiting for ya.. and its show not shoe that belongs up your ass..

  • I love the Deadliest Catch season 5. it was full of suspense. really i enjoyed to watch this. thanks for sharing the nice information…