April 19 2009

Susan Boyle News Moved To

susan boyle

Regular readers will be happy to know that Susan Boyle is done on this blog.

In what has to be labeled as one of my more insane moves, I came to a decision yesterday that if I was going to continue to write about Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent that I was running a risk of annoying my regular readers.  Sure it’s an interesting story, but counting this week’s episode of Scattercast, I had talked about her six times in the past seven days.  That’s a bit much for anyone, and I know it.

So, yesterday afternoon, after writing up the Larry King interview post, I decided it was time to do something about this, and I bought  I quickly cobbled together a WordPress install, used an off-the-shelf WordPress theme (something I really hate doning nowadays, but it worked in this case), rewrote all the previous entries I had done on Ms. Boyle so as not to incur the wrath of the Google search gods, and launched it.

While this certainly wasn’t in my current plans for my life, I’m still interested in her story, but at the same time didn’t want to drive visitors to insane with it, so this seemed the most logical solution… sorta.  As I mentioned on Scattercast this week, I’m working on ideas for three more blogs right now (no, this new site isn’t one of those three), plus I’m working at and, prepping to start work at and, finally started writing my long delayed novel, working a day job, working on some secret plans with Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, and blogging here as well as… sure!  Let me throw another blog on the pile!

I don’t plan on updating every day like I do my other sites, jsut when there is some new news about her, and we’ll see how long I keep it up, but for now this is the plan to keep my current readers happy while satisfying those interested in Susan Boyle.

Wish me luck… and the ability to keep my sanity!

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  • I just tweeted it. :D

  • Barbara Lee

    Dear Mr. Sean P Aune:

    Obviously, you are trying to top Susan Boyle sudden fame. I didn't appreciate your comments about her. She is a beautiful voice, and I just loved her singing "Cry Me A River." She has spent years singing with that beautiful voice of hers, and to think that she wasn't ever discovered until now. Just because she isn't physically beautiful, doesn't give you the right to say very hurtful things about her.

    Have a physical trainer work out with her, show her how to eat right, give her a better hair style, make-up, and she will look much better. It is amazing what make-up, a good hair style and the right cloths will do for a woman.

    • Ms. Lee,

      I'm not sure what I said about her that was offensive, but that certainly was never my attempt. I fully support her, I am actually AGAINST her changing her looks.

  • Kat Chapman

    I think she ought to get a makeover if she wants. Seems like the judges and fans want her to be what they want her to be. I know I'd be embarrassed if my eyebrows were being mocked on national tv. It's not really her looks that made the contrast, anyway. It is her down-home plain-jane style compared to that polished and lovely voice. And the song was perfect for her. She'll do better if she draws back from the fans a little bit and decides for herself who she wants to be.