April 28 2009

Who Even Knew Jonah Hex Was Filming?

UPDATE 04/30/2010: The first trailer for Jonah Hex is now out.

megan fox jonah hexHow on Earth did I totally miss that work had begun on the Jonah Hex movie?

Imagine my surprise when the picture of Megan Fox on her way to the set of Jonah Hex popped up online today.  This picture surprised me for a number of reasons.

  1. I hadn’t even heard this movie had been greenlit (it’s been rumored for years), let alone gone through casting, pre-production and is actually before the lens.
  2. That it actually DID get greenlit.  Jonah Hex is one of those characters that is going to make for a really odd movie.
  3. Oh look… a movie team found yet another way to cover Ms. Fox’s hideous Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her inner right forearm.

For those who have never heard of Jonah Hex, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  He is a character in the DC Comics universe that first appeared in 1972, and is known more for his odd facial scar than anything else.  However, I will let Wikipedia explain a bit more for you:

Throughout the character’s history, the western genre conventions have been heavily subverted. Jonah has battled alcoholism, and as an adult faced his mother’s turn to prostitution. Though he traveled extensively throughout the American West, he also ended up in South America and China. At one point he quit bounty hunting, got married and had a son, and took up farming, though it didn’t last.

Hex’s facial injuries can be traced back to being sold into slavery by his father to the Apache for safe passage. Jonah eventually saved the chief from being killed by a mountain lion and was made an honorary member of the tribe. He was soon betrayed by the envious son of the chief while on a raid. He returned years later to challenge him in a sacred tomahawk battle. But the chief’s son sabotaged Jonah’s tomahawk and Jonah used his knife in self defense when the tomahawk broke. The tribe saw this as breaking the rules of the sacred battle and sentenced Jonah to wear the mark of the demon by pressing a searing hot tomahawk to his face. They said his honorary relationship to the chief was the only thing that saved him from death.

jonah hexDespite the oddness of the property itself, they have assembled a pretty great cast for the film.  Besides Ms. Fox, they have Josh Brolin as Jonah and John Malkovich as Turnbull.  The question is how will a movie about a scarred bounty hunter, set in the old west, play during their height of a summer movie movie run?  Probably pretty well with this cast involved.  Despite my problems with Ms. Fox’s acting abilities, she is a box office draw, and judging by seeing her in this corset, she won’t have any problem drawing in the teenage boy crowd come next summer.

I do find it interesting she keeps showing up in things like Transformers and Jonah Hex, and now there there are rumors she will soon play another comic book character in Fathom based on the recently deceased Michael Turner’s book of the same name.  Apparently if you are hot, and comfortable with fan boys drooling all over you, you can get a lot of work in Hollywood.  Good to know…

I’ve done a quick update for my regular readers of all the comic book related movies I know of, and what their expected release dates currently are.  If you know of any other projects (seeing as this one totally got past me) please let me know in the comments and I will look into it.  If you have a link to info on it, all the better.

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