April 29 2009

The Cynical Bastards Blog Network Is A Go

Cynical Bastards LogoDo not adjust your monitors… The Cynical Bastards control the vertical… and the horizontal.

You may notice a few changes around, but not to fret, they aren’t major changes.  Starting today, this blog is part of The Cynical Bastards blog network.

Before I get to what this means to you, the reader, a little background on what The CBS is.  Steven Hodson and Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins met some time back, and bonded over their cynicism towards most of the Web 2.0 and social media scene.  While they weren’t critical of every new service to come down the pipeline, they were far more willing to question new services than the majority of bloggers who “oh” and “aww” over every shiny new service.

Later on, when both were working at Mashable, they met me and my own special brand of cynicism.  Due to my work on hundreds of lists for the site, I saw even more services than most people, and most of them I thought were utter garbage.  Mark became the linchpin between the three of us shaking our heads and questioning the status quo of the social media landscape.

However, we also discovered our general negative outlook on things wasn’t restricted to just the Web, but also to the world around us.  That led Mark and I to have a late night discussion over instant message where one of us made the joke about “we’re just cynical bastards”… I bought the domain name TheCynicalBastards shortly thereafter.

As all three of us left Mashable at different times, we decided we wanted to do something that would allow the three of us to continue to work together, and we finally decided a blog network was the perfect avenue for us.  We grabbed my domain name, Mark spent a weekend putting together an aggregator site for us (with much hair pulling), and, there you have it.

Now, what does being part of the network mean to the content of our sites?  Nothing.  Not one thing will change.  None of us have any say in what the other writes, and we may even disagree on certain subjects, but that will be half the fun of it.  In short, our sites and content will not change one iota from what made people come to read us in the first place.  Heck, I’m not even sure all of us are putting the badge on our sites, but I will be in the sidebar.

This is merely a way for the three of us to stay connected with one another, share resources, help promote one another and so on.  Depending on how things go, we may add other bloggers down the road, but for now it will just be the three of us.  If we do ever decide to bring more people on board it will be via invitation, so, please, don’t contact us asking to join… because we will mock you.

In addition to the aggregating site, we will also be launching a new podcast, CobWebs (Cranky Old Bastards take on the interWEBs).  We will be recording the first episode tonight on TalkShoe at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST, watch our Twitter streams at @StevenHodson, @Rizzn and @SeanPAune for a link to where you can come listen in.  We plan on making this a weekly show, and if you can’t make it to the live record, we’ll be posting it afterwards for download.

I’ll leave you with the quotes from our press release as to what makes each of us cynical.

“Read a couple hundred blog feeds about tech and social media each day, and that will be enough to turn Saint Teresa cynical.” – Steven Hodson

“There’s obviously a lot of hot air that gets passed around the press and the blogosphere in the tech business. We believe in being honest and critical without being constantly negative. We walk that line, and we call it being cynical.” – Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins

“Why are we cynical? Because each of us has been around the block a couple of times and that leads us to believe that if you’re breathing, we pretty much instantly distrust your intentions. That’s why we’re cynical.” – Sean P. Aune

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