April 30 2009

2nd Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Trailer Hits The Internet

revenge of the fallen logoSo help me, I think I may actually be looking forward to the second Transformers movie.

My dislike of the first film is well known, and maybe it is my lowered expectations this time around, but I have a small sliver of hope that this one won’t make me ponder taking my own life in the theater. Yes, the humans are still going to get too much screen time it looks like, but the sharp rise in the number of actual Transformers is making me happy.  Aso we can do away with that painful first hour where we kept waiting for more Autobots to arrive.

It still looks like the fight scenes will be confusing as all get out, but I’m liking the idea we’re going to delve a bit more in to the mythos of the Transformers, and the history of the war, and how they may have influenced human history through out time.  I’ll probably still end up hating it, but at least I have a bit more hope this time.  New trailer is below.

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