April 30 2009

CobWebs Episode 1 – The Cynical Bastards Podcast

Cynical Bastards LogoCobWebs episode 1 is in the can!

In addition to the blog network, Steven Hodson, Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and myself are going to do a weekly podcast where we talk about whatever is on our minds that week.  It could be mainly tech related news, or it might go in to other fields, who knows.  This first episode is dominated by tech news, and with three of us involved it ran well over an hour.  Overall I think for a first episode it went well, but then again, we are all experienced podcasters at this point.

FriendFeed changed over to what had been their Beta look, and none of us are overly impressed with the color scheme or the functionality of the site.  Honestly it was almost like launching an entirely new service.  If anything, we think it will make this site go even more niche than it already was.

– Should employers use social media to look into potential employees?  Steven brought this one to the table from a post he did, and it brings up some really interesting questions for employers and employees alike.

– Why does the United States get all the cool stuff, and other countries get shafted?  Again, this is a Steven rant, but he brings up excellent points, especially since he lives in Canada and he can’t get even some of the same features on an iPhone that we get here.

– A general discussion about advertising and Twitter, with some focus on what works and what doesn’t.

Great first episode, and well worth a listen, although I will warn readers of my blog who are used to my “no cursing” rule on Scattercast does not apply to CobWebs!  Foul language is contained… send the kids to bed.

Oh… and some Canadians may be offended as we mock Steven.

If you want to listen in live, we will be recording these episodes on Wednesdays at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST.  You can find us on TalkShoe.

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