May 4 2009

And Franklin Makes Four

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Yes, he is the one on the left.

It’s been quite a while since I talked about my dogs, and the only reason it is coming up today is that we are adding a fourth to our pack.  Franklin, as he will be known, is a tri-parti mix, although his tan spots are not visible in the picture.  He was born last night, and will be coming home around June 24th.  He is another puppy from Classy Country Cockers, the same breeder we got Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt from.

And therein lies the reason I agreed to adding a fourth.  This is actually something I have fought for quite a while, but this particular litter changed my mind slightly.  Franklin is a half-brother to Teddy by way of their father, Hunter.  The added twist is that he is also a nephew to Patrick Henry and Winston Churchill via Franklin’s mother, Jersey Girl, as she is a half-sister to them.  Yes, we know such relationships don’t really matter in the world of dogs, but it amuses us, and all four of our boys will be connected now.

No word yet on how William McKinley, the cat, will feel about this… we, however, are excited to add him to our little group.

UPDATE: We have a solo picture of him now!


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