May 6 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 25


buffys8e25Characters Seen:

A man with aged hands reaches for a tray of tools while we hear an “off screen” voice saying, “Not the knife.”  He replies “Yes” and after another brief exchange, you see an xacto knife being held to the face of a porcelain doll that looks surprisingly like Dawn Summers.

The doll asks the man how long he plans to do this to her, and he says he told her, “Until you’re safe.”

Back at the Slayers HQ, it looks like they’ve found a new castle to take over, and they are prepping for battle.  Buffy is walking down the hall while putting on a gauntlet with two spikes on it.  She is followed by Xander and two unknown Slayers.  Buffy is commenting on how she is generally okay with the things “Dawn’s not”, such as punctual, not returning Buffy’s Veronica Mars DVDs, not tidy and so on.  What she isn’t okay with is Dawn not being there.

Xander says she shouldn’t be worried, and to remember Dawn is a teenager and is probably off running around with her forest pals (remember, she’s a centaur now).  Buffy wants to go looking for her, but a vamp named Judas Cradle has assembled a vampire army that is sweeping the countryside and is headed to Slayer HQ.

As the Slayer’s put on armor, Buffy holds up her gauntlet with the spikes.

Buffy: I want to get my sister to safety too.  Can’t.  Not now.  The threat outside’s too bi to every Slayer I’ve got here.  I mean, look at me.  Who dresses like Wolverine for fun?

Xander: Certainly not me.  Any proof you’ve seen to the contrary could have been photoshopped, and besides, I was drunk.

Buffy laments that she hasn’t been a good sister to Dawn, and too much Slayer.  Xander tries to remind her she is THE Slayer, and she has to fight the battles.  He also informs Buffy he has someone looking into the spell on Dawn, a man on the inside.

After a change of scenery, we hear a doorbell ring, and a groggy college student answering a door.

Andrew: Hello.  I’m a college student attending college… who coincidentally also needs a roommate, completely by coincidence,and then I saw your ad.  I’m in.  So, you, what’s the rent bro?

The doll version of Dawn has snuck off her stand and is walking pass the other dolls in the old mans workshop when her foot makes a noise on a loose floor board.  One of the dolls asks her where she thinks she’s going.  She says they should all try to escape, but as the other dolls approach, they tell her the man made them, and they are home.  She says she had a spell put on her, and the dolls tell her that makes her different and that she can never leave as they tackle her to the ground.

Xander is monitoring the vampire army approaching and tells Buffy it turns out the “army” is really Judas Cradle’s family and some pub buddies.  As the handful of vamps crawl over the wall they are greeted by a full contingent of Slayers… who dispatch them in seconds.  Buffy now wants to find Dawn, so she and Xander set off into the woods to search for clues as to where she might be.  They find hoof prints that suddenly turn to little doll footprints which makes them think she has changed forms again.

Buffy: This spell took work.  How dangerous is this Kenny?

Xander: Hard to say.  You don’t usually get this strong a spell from the Thricewise community.  Apparently, he’s a nice guy who just snapped after Dawn boinked his roommate.

Buffy: How can I not know this?

Xander: (smacking his forehead) It cannot be because I just told you because I would never do that.  Bugger.  Hey, check me out, now I can hate myself in British.

The old man comes in to the work room and tells Dawn not to be mad at the other dolls, that they aren’t like her and don’t have souls.  He says he has to keep her safe because if she was to break her porcelain face her sould would pour out and be blasted apart into atoms.  She has to stay there and be safe.

Back with Andrew, he is asking Kenny if he knows of anyone into “magicks with a ‘k'”, and that’s why he got expelled from Wesleyan when his feminist studies professor accused him of witchcraft.  As he has this conversation he is setting down a statue of Yoda, and when Kenny responds, he says he knows enough about magicks to know Andrew is placing totems around the room.  As he asks Andrew is up to, the Slayers know they’ve been made and Willow immediately transports a large chunk of the apartment to Scotland, including Kenny and Andrew.  As soon as they get there, Kenny transforms to his Thricewise form and attempts to escape the HQ.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Xander continue to explore the forest when Buffy pulls a little tree creature off a branch, and she wants to know why he’s been following them since they entered the forest.  Buffy says they haven’t violated the truce with the forest creatures, so she wants to know why he’s following.  He tells her he won’t tell them anything, so she throws him… and breaks a window.  Buffy and Xander find a cottage in a clearing, but Xander is more curious why he has a bunch of tiny arrows sticking of his neck.  We see the trees are full of archer dolls, and then we see Xander collapsing due to the poison on the arrow.

Dawn takes the confusion as a chance to try to escape, but she gets caught by the doll maker, so shreams for Buffy.  As the Slayer runs towards the house, the Thricewise shows up and says he wants to help and that it was never supposed to go this far.  They break into the house, and as the dollmaker holds Dawn, she recognizes the Thricewise and says “Ken?” followed up by “I’m sorry.”

There is a burst of light and Dawn is returned to normal size and shape, albeit naked.

Buffy threatens the dollmaker, but as it looks like Buffy is going to put a hurt on him, the dolls beg her to spare him as he keeps them safe.  Buffy relents and just tells all of her people they need to go.

We next see Dawn walking across a field, hand-in-tentacle, with Kenny as she apologizes again and asks how far he wouldhave let it go.  He said he planned to stop at the fire slugs.  Kenny eventually apologizes also, and he and Dawn go their seperate ways.

As Dawn returns to the castle, she runs into Buffy and they have a talk about how they still need each othr, but they need to be more responsible for themselves.  As they walk off Dawn informs Buffy she scratched one her Veronic Mars DVDs… she informs Dawn she will die.

Glad to see the Dawn story wrapped up finally, but this really felt like it should have been two episodes.  How did the doll maker find Dawn?  What are his powers?  Just lots of little details felt like they were left out for no good reason.

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