May 10 2009

Saturday Night Live – Mother Lover

Justin Timberlake returned for his third time hosting Saturday Night Live, and, well, “Dick In A Box” got a sequel.

This is the first time Timberlake has returned to host since we got the infamous “Dick In A Box” sketch that caused such a stir.  I really didn’t know if they would try to do a follow-up, but try they did, and they succeeded, albeit in a different way. For whatever reason, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake seem to work together amazingly well, we’re just all lucky enough to enjoy the results.

Doing a direct follow-up probably would have been a disaster, but using the same characters in a totally different situation that is just as disturbing as the original turned out to be the way to go.  It seems the two have been in jail for five months, and they get out just in time for Mother’s Day and realize they haven’t gotten any gifts for them. Well, they come up with a plan that is best left to the video.

Yes, that was Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson as their moms.

In case you’ve never seen the original, here it is via YouTube so any one in the world can watch it. Enjoy.

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