May 17 2009

11 Videos Of The Kirksville Tornado

0513 tornadoKirksville is still recovering from the May 13th tornado, and we had a bit of a scare on Friday May 15th as another cell moved in to our area. We knew it was serious when The Weather Channel actually sent a crew, so we were all on edge for that day, but we made it through without anything coming down.

These days you can find a video for just about anything on YouTube, and our tornado is no different. I’ve gathered up 11 various videos of that day and its aftermath. These range from the tornado forming, eventually striking town and the eventual aftermath videos of how extensive the damage was.  I tried to give you a bit of reference as to where each video was filmed so the people who used to live here will know.  For those who have never been to Kirksville, I think you’ll still get the general drift of where things were.

Things could have been much worse, but those that got hit got it really bad, and that is highly unfortunate.

You can read my initial report on the tornado in my personal account post.

This guy is just a bit too happy about being inside the tornado…

These guys are going back and forth on highway 63 north of Kirksville. Later in the video they show good footage of Robertson’s car dealership immediately after the tornado hit and the cars will still thrown all over the place.

This video is oddly filmed, but they start out heading north on 63, turn west at the 63 & new 6 junction in front of Wal-Mart, and stop on the bridge there to set up and film the tornado.

I’m not exactly sure where this video was shot, but it’s another one filled with shouting.

This video appears to be from new 6, near the bridge, shooting northeast towards Robertson’s.

Not sure which back highway this guy was on, but he was a good distance away so you can see the width of the tornado.

Shot from inside someone’s basement, looking up, as the tornado passes over them.

This one… this one bothers me. This was shot 4 miles west of Novinger on new 6, meaning it was approximately 1 to 1.5 miles from my house. This appears to be when it veered north, meaning it turned away from me. This would also explain why I felt the pressure drop as I described in my initial report, because you feel that when you are within about 3 miles of the event.  You can read more about this particular video at

Okay, this following guy is just an idiot. First off, he’s speeding around 100 mph in a tornado front down new highway 6 (those who don’t live here: there’s an ‘old’ highway 6 and a ‘new’ highway 6), passing cars and, gee… he gets caught by the tornado. Moron.

A report from KMBC TV on the wreckage.

KMBC then brought their helicopter to town and got some great aerial footage of the damage.

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