May 23 2009

Mary Kay Letourneau And Vili Fualaau Host A “Hot For Teacher” Night

hot for teacherThere’s bad taste, and then there is REALLY bad taste. One guess which category this idea falls in to.

It seems that Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband Vili Fualaa are hosting a “Hot For Teacher” night at a Seattle nightclub named Fuel.  In case you don’t remember this pair, Mary Kay was Vili’s teacher in 1996, and they began a sexual relationship when he was 13 and she was 34.  Her husband found a letter between the two in February 1997, and between this and Vili’s cousin learning of the relationship, she was arrested and charged with statutory rape.

She was sentenced to 7 & 1/2 years in prison, and four months after starting her sentence she gave birth to a baby girl fathered by Vili.  Two months later she was released on January 1, 1998 for good behavior, and ordered not to see Vili.

On February 3,1998 she and Vili were found in a car by the police and was arrested for violating the court order. She has also failed to join the sex offender program, and evidence was found in the car the implicated she was abut to leave the country. She was placed back in prison for her full possible sentence of 7 & 1/2 years.

In March 1998 it was discovered she was pregnant with a second child by Vili, and she gave birth to that child in October, 1998.  In May 1999 she and her husband, Steve Letourneau, were divorced, and he moved with their four children to Alaska.  Then, in November, 1999, she got six months in solitary confinement for smuggling letters out of prison to Vili.

On August 4, 2004, she was released from prison, and by August 7th Vili was filing for the ban on them seeing each other to be lifted.  They wed on May 20,2005, and Mary Kay is still registered as a Level 2 sex offender who has to have her address verified every 90-days.

So, a woman convicted of committing statutory rape against a student, and her victim-turned-husband, are going to host a party at a night entitled “Hot For Teacher”.  I can’t be the only one who thinks this may be one of the most tasteless ideas ever, can I?  Nope, I’m not.  How anyone can think this is a good idea, from the nightclub to Mary Kay and Vili themselves thinks this is a good idea, is just totally beyond comprehension.  And when did Vili start thinking he was a DJ?

Perhaps some of this year’s teachers involed in sex scandals can make a lucrative career out of hosting nightclub nights that are in bad taste.

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  • I am absolutely floored by this whole relationship (and I use that word loosely here). That aside, I'd lov to be a fly on the wall to see who, exactly, would even go to this little soirée.

  • Petula

    First of all, there is a MISTAKE in Vili's last name in your article ! Second, that wasn't a RAPE, the court make it as a rape because of the US'S stupid laws…..they were already in love, and prove it to the ENTIRE WORLD as they are an HAPPY COUPLE…. peeps like you guys (journalists) are jealous and needs some gossep to make their news go on…..they are happy, so please leave them alone, she already pay enough for being in love with him, their children suffered from that. Why can't Vili find a new activity ? He is a good DJ, why are you being so jealous ???? They are hosting a HOT FOR TEACHER'S night ? so what ? does that disturb you so much ? their are so many more important sad news in US, why don't you live a life and go around and find something less stupid to tell us ? RAPE would be if Vily didn't want it, they both wanted what happen and they will probably have more kids… leave them alone for GOOD !

    • What is the mistake and I'll correct it.

      As for if this was rape or not, he was below the age of consent, that makes this rape. No matter how "stupid" you think the laws are, they are the law. She also broke the law again by seeing him after the courts ordered her not to.

      As for "so please leave them alone", if someone is stupid enough to host a party called "HOT FOR TEACHER" after they have been convicted of raping one of their students, then, guess what, they are inviting people back into their lives.

      It doesn't matter what Vili wanted, he was too young to make a cognitive decision, and in the US, that constitutes rape no matter how stupid you may think the laws are.

      (seriously, why do people always resort to saying I'm jealous?!?)

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  • Petula

    Vili's last name is: Fualaau….and I won't comment again….I said what I had to say. But you should go and meet that family….you would change your mind about them.

  • Nope, I wouldn't change my mind about them because I would still be thinking, "Lady… you had sex with a minor who was your student, and you violated one of the most sacred trusts in society." So, no thanks, I think I'll pass.