May 30 2009

G.I. Joe Footage Makes You Weep

gi joe logoThe G.I. Joe movie looks worse and worse with each passing moment.

While I always thought the G.I. Joe property was ripe for a movie, they seem to hae gone out of their way to make this thing look like a complete cheese fest.  I thought the Super Bowl ad looked bad, but this new clip is just horrendous.  I can live with the Baroness (Sienna Miller) not having an accent, but these power suits the Joe team are just… I just don’t get them.

At no point in the 25+ years of this version of G.I. Joe featured in the movie did they wear “power suits”.  They wore battle armor, went into space and even fought a war on drugs, but they never put on silver suits that gave them super human strength and agility.  So why does this movie feel the need for them?  There is more than enough back story out there already to build multiple movies, but they felt the neex to build something so over the top that it een looks bad?  Good job folks!

I actually was looking forward to this movie for a while, but I think all of that interest is now gone.  Judge for yourself below.

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