June 4 2009

Salad Bar Etiquette Revisited

salad barWell here’s a follow-up post I never thought I would have to write.

Back in January 2008 I wrote a short post about Salad Bar Etiquette and the things people do while going through a salad bar that annoyed me to no end.  You know, making artistic arrangements, chatting with their friends and so on.  Well, every week I go to lunch with a friend, and ever since that post he has given me endless guff about it and how I was making too much out of it and so on.  I just grunt him and I still stand by it.

Of course, any one can be changed to “the darkside” (aka as my way of thinking) by a small event.

A few weeks ago we’re at Ruby Tuesday in the salad line as a woman is going through the line with her daughter.  My friend and I are the only other ones in line, and as he hits the midway point, and I’m behind him at this point.  All of a sudden the woman says “excuse me,” smiles, and backs up to get something she forgot.  Okay, no biggie, it’s one thing.

Then she backs up further and gets something else.  -grumble-

Okay, seriously?  Three things?  “I’m so sorry, just one more thing!”  You go reverse in the line for three things?!?  Here’s an idea… GET BACK IN LINE AT THE END!

So, as all this is going on, my friend finally turns to look back at me, and he mutters “I think it’s time you updated your post.”

… I WIN!

And the moral to the story kids?  Don’t go backwards in the line… unless you want me to stab you in the back of the hand with a salad fork.

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