June 5 2009

Scattercast Episode 46 – Hollywood Makes Me Cry With Their Stupidity

Scattercast is 46… and it misses “the good old days”.

– There are a lot of really painful movie ideas coming down the road at us. Whatever happened to a movie being made just for the sake of a movie, and not the potential for sequels?

– Why I think of podcasting like everyone having a license to be their own radio DJ in some really odd way.

Project Natal excites and scares me all at once.

Not a ton of subjects this week, but I still get past the 1/2 hour mark with this episode. Hope you all have a good week… hoping to announce some stuff in the next week or two!

Here’s a link to the MP3 for those who wish to download it, subscribe to Scattercast via iTunes.

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