June 15 2009

Oklahoma Trooper Pulls Over An Ambulance

What happens when a paramedic is accused of making an obscene gesture at an officer who is passing an ambulance? Well, you get two of the weirdest videos I’ve seen in a while.

It seems back on May 24th that Trooper Daniel Martin was responding to a call when he had to pass an ambulance on the way to his destination.  Trooper Martin’s lights and sirens were on, but the ambulance was not running any sort of signals, but it also failed to yield to the cop car.  After he learned he was not needed on the original call he decided to go and find the ambulance that he had passed.

The reason he states that he pulled over the vehicle was he claims that the driver had flipped him the bird and he wanted to talk to him about failing to yield.  Ambulance suprervisor Maurice White jumps out of the back to see what was going on and all heck breaks loose.  It may be better for you just to watch the video and see what happened.  (Steven Hodson over at The Inquisitr is responsible for bring this little gem to my attention.)

One of the family members thought to us his camerphone to record some other angles of the situation and he picks up some audio that the dash cam missed along with another angle that clears up some things the original video missed.

This is one of those situations where it is difficult to tell who was in the wrong, but it seems to me that both parties played a roll in why this ended up going so badly.  The Trooper seems to over react from very beginning, and Mr. White shouldn’t have leaped out of the truck the way he did.

Again, each person needs to make up their own minds, but it sure does make for some interesting viewing.

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