June 15 2009

Oklahoma Trooper Pulls Over An Ambulance

What happens when a paramedic is accused of making an obscene gesture at an officer who is passing an ambulance? Well, you get two of the weirdest videos I’ve seen in a while.

It seems back on May 24th that Trooper Daniel Martin was responding to a call when he had to pass an ambulance on the way to his destination.  Trooper Martin’s lights and sirens were on, but the ambulance was not running any sort of signals, but it also failed to yield to the cop car.  After he learned he was not needed on the original call he decided to go and find the ambulance that he had passed.

The reason he states that he pulled over the vehicle was he claims that the driver had flipped him the bird and he wanted to talk to him about failing to yield.  Ambulance suprervisor Maurice White jumps out of the back to see what was going on and all heck breaks loose.  It may be better for you just to watch the video and see what happened.  (Steven Hodson over at The Inquisitr is responsible for bring this little gem to my attention.)

One of the family members thought to us his camerphone to record some other angles of the situation and he picks up some audio that the dash cam missed along with another angle that clears up some things the original video missed.

This is one of those situations where it is difficult to tell who was in the wrong, but it seems to me that both parties played a roll in why this ended up going so badly.  The Trooper seems to over react from very beginning, and Mr. White shouldn’t have leaped out of the truck the way he did.

Again, each person needs to make up their own minds, but it sure does make for some interesting viewing.

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  • Tony

    Two words. BAD COP!

  • TomFierro

    the video will convict! not very smart to get in a Troopers face. Duh

    • George-NC

      if you was a paramedic then you would understand the responsiblities that come with the job. The first priority is you and your parnter safety, then your patient's. where in the business to save life's not play with then over attitude issues. take the moment to bw thankful it wasn't you in the unit. heart patient's don't have time to waste. The heart dies over time until critical intervention is complete (at the hospital). I'm for sure the state would hate to find out that, the patients out come is in partly related to the officers over aggression that more than likely was allowed to go on for some time in the department. Who's responsible????

  • Skippy

    . Law enforcement personnel are held to a higher standard as they should be. This troop is a black eye to every decent hard working LE officer out there. I agree the medic too made mistakes and the case is very arguable but bottom line, the medic acted initally as a professional whereas the trooper did not. If a troop will lose control in a case like this do you really want him out there with a weapon alone and unsupervised? What happens when this guy is having a bad day or when his third wife leaves him and he is out there with his personal problems on top of his mounting professional problems?

  • Skippy

    Typical case of little boy with a badge. This trooper can't get over his ego insecurities and therefor he doesn't deserve to be a trooper. PRIME EXAMPLE. His ego was bruised because some lowly EMS person made a gesture at him. Grow up and get over it, discuss it later. These men are supposedly trained to maintain control in the face of anger, criticism, duress, panic, etc. HIS ACTIONS ARE COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL…

  • Skippy

    The trooper didn't hear that there was a patient on board or it "didn't register". BULL$HIT. I guess this trooper doesn't hear when another trooper shouts "gun!" on a car stop or it doesn't register when someone is trying to hide narcotics or a weapon. INEXCUSABLE. I am a retired law enforcement officer and a former paramedic. I know both sides of this story. If the OHP isn't alarmed or disturbed by what they had seen on this video then there is a grave problem beyond this trooper. Troopers are to be models of what to be, in essence grace under pressure, and the complete and total epitome of control and professionalism

  • Skippy

    Not IF, but WHEN this trooper loses it again (should he keep his job at all) the OHP has to say to themselves is "well, we should have seen that coming". If the OHP doesn't severely discipline, reprimand and retrain this individual, or fire him, they are no better than the street gangs these people took an oath to protect us from. So then I ask….who will protect us from them?

  • me1

    this is a fucking lawsuit if i were this family i would have kicked the cops ass ….actually i wouldn't have stopped pull me over in the hospital parking lot….what an ass

  • noego

    Perfect example of loosing ones cool. It is a shame that this trooper allowed this situation to get out of control and under his skin. A sad and tainted example of american law enforcement.