June 16 2009

Talk About Timing!

blackberry tourResearch In Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry phones, couldn’t have timed their new phone better.

I know the BlackBerry isn’t as sexy as the iPhone, but until Apple and AT&T part ways, it’s what I’m sticking with.  I’ve been using my BlackBerry 8830 since October 2007, and while I’ve loved it, I’ve been getting that upgrade itch.  As I was looking around for my next phone, I wasn’t finding anything I liked, and was actually starting to wonder what I was going to do when my upgrade time was officially upon me.

Enter the BlackBery Tour.

Also known as the 9630, the BlackBerry Tour is the direct successor to my 8830 in that it is the next generation of world phone.  This means that due to the multiple bands the phone uses, I can use the phone in 185 countries around the planet.  For those who have not had the fun experience of travelling with your cell phone to other countries… they don’t work.  The United States decided to be different from the rest of the world… just like that damned metric system.  So your phone is pretty much useless outside of our country, so this makes life far easier.  Not that I travel outside the USA that often, but it’s still nice to have.

They really went all out on this upgrade, and I am most excited about the camera as that has been one of the things I have really wanting in my next phone.  Here is the official list from the press release.

I am really excited about how many of the new features used to be optional applications, so nice to see they are watching how their users are really using the phone out in the wild.

Rumor is the phone will be release July 13th, and even though my 2 year contract isn’t up until October, they’ve already approved me for the upgrade price of $199 (it probably helps we have five lines on our account at Sprint…).  I’m ready for it, and thanks RIM for the unbelievable timing of the release.

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