June 25 2009

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Is Here

There is one drawback to my blog readership exploding in the past year, and that is I am getting more and more reluctant to do personal stories. It isn’t what the majority of my RSS subscribers signed up for, but there are times where I just can’t resist throwing in a bit of personal news, and today is one of those days.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt has arrived!

franklin 062409

(You can click the image for a super-sized view of him.)

He actually got here yesterday, but everything was so hectic that I couldn’t get a post up about him.  Here are a couple more pictures and a video.

franklin and teddy 062509

The blonde Cocker Spaniel is Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Franklin’s half-brother as they share the same dad.  Teddy is going on 3-years-old and has no clue what to make of the new addition to our pack of Cocker Spaniels (which now numbers 4)

franklin tennis ball 062509

And with a tennis ball to give you a better idea of just how tiny he is right now.

Finally, the video is more just an excuse for me trying out my new HD Sanyo video cam.  Enjoy.

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  • You love M

    franklin thinks you're his dad … cause of your hairy legs. p.s. love the apologetic note in your video. for the record, i do not forgive you. PUT ON SOME JEANS, DAMMIT!

    • First off, "You love M"… really? Narcissistic much? :P

      And no to jeans. I was wearing loose gym shorts when I shot the video… what I always wear at home. Deal with it. And shorts WILL be worn in August, so get used to it.

  • You love M


  • Yes.