Scattercast is 54… and it’s a short one, folks. This is only about 12 minutes long, sorry folks. I had JUST finished recording COBWebs, and my voice just couldn’t take it. Man I have some weak vocal cards. – A short tale of my week not going well at all. – An update on my… read more

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July 30 2009

Tron Legacy

By the time Tron Legacy is released it will have been 28 years since the original Tron… who cares? This sequel could be made 50 years after the original and everyone my age would line up from the old folks home to see it. Released on July 9, 1982, the original Tron was the first… read more

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It seems there is a movement out there to cut the standard work week from the familiar five days of 8-hours each to four days of 10-hours each. According to a recent article from Scientific American, numerous studies have been conducted about the economic and environmental benefits of eliminating one day from the standard five-day… read more

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The most important part of call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been revealed: the multiplayer game. While the single player campaign is fun, but the true value in video games any more seems to reside with the multiplayer experience.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has barely left my Xbox 360 in 2 years… read more

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For as old an organization as the Associated Press is, you would think that might have some people around the offices that might be able to tell them how the Internet works. Back in April, the Associated Press (A.P.) began its war on the Internet.  At that time they were already saying that they wanted… read more


This week Steven Hodson, Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins, my fellow Cynical Bastards, and myself took on, a full load of subjects, and got in a good amount of Gillmor’ing. – Amazon bought partnered with Zappos. – ChromeOS is a threat to Microsoft (we have to hold back our laughter). – A Chinese Foxconn/Apple worker commits suicide,… read more

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The story behind the Erin Andrews peephole video is just getting silly at this point. I have to admit that before the story about her peephole video broke, I had no clue who Erin Andrews was.  I’ve never been big into sports, and couldn’t tell you the last time I turned on ESPN, so my… read more

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Scattercast is 53… and Sean is very, very tired. – The dogs bark again towards the end, sorry – Some thoughts on the passing of Walter Cronkite. – Why are we going back to the Moon? – A company wants to sell advertising space carved into the Moon. Who are these idiots? – Lots of… read more

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At last, moving images from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland have appeared before our eyes. The movie isn’t due until March 5th, 2010, we’ve already gotten a fairly in-depth trailer for the new live-action Alice in Wonderland from the mind of Tim Burton.  It does seem to be a bit heavy on Johnny Depp (big… read more

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It’s time for Hollywood to make another classic movie and make me question the sanity of the entire movie industry. I am almost always against remakes and “reimaginings”, but the upcoming remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street seems moderately interesting. Since Wes Craven, the original creator of the series, is back on writing chores,… read more

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It’s that magical time in every Doctor Who fan’s life where we get to see the first pictures of the next regeneration, and the first pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor are… odd. I have to say on first seeing these new pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor in costume are… read more

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I was born on this day in 1971… and, oh yeah, some guys landed on the moon in 1969. Yes, it’s true, I’m 38-years-old today, and it is also the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  Don’t worry, I rank the moon landing as SLIGHTLY more important than my birthday being some… read more

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