July 2 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 26


buffys8e26Characters Seen:
Amy (mentioned/off screen)

We open on a sea gull carrying a fish, and the fish is complaining about how it liked the other way they did, but the seagull says they are all about sneaky now.

(No… I did not imagine all of that… stop looking at me funny! – Sean)

The seagull (who is obviously Willow) says to the fish (Buffy), that people now report when they see a witch and a Slayer flying, leading Buffy to concede it’s for the best.  Buffy asks Willow to turn her so she can look down and they discuss how their new base if fully concealed on an island, and it appears to be totally uninhabited.

After landing on the ground, and turning back to their normal forms, the pair walk in to a new castle discussing how they just need to keep from being found, and that Willow has an army of witches going day & night to keep the magicks powered.  They are using so much power now that Willow says they are beginning to warp the grid.  Buffy immediately turns to ask her if she’s alright or if she’s being pushed too far, to which Willow says she is fine, but is confused why Buffy is so concerned all of a sudden.  (Remember, Buffy encountered Dark Willow in the future a few issues back – Sean)

Buffy says she’s just being vigilant and that the best thing for them to do right now is to disappear, to which Satsu (huh?  When did she show back up? – Sean, yet again) questions what they are waiting for, “The judgment of history?”

We cut to Berlin where we find Faith and Giles living/hiding in a Nazi bunker from World War II.  Faith isn’t thrilled with where they are, but Giles assures her it is for the best.  Faith leaps up at the sound of pounding, and Giles says not to worry as the door is ten-inch thick steal.

… the door blows inwards, and demons pour into the bunker.

Faith says being underground was a bad idea since that is where demons live, but Giles reminds her that above ground humans fear them.  They fight their way to another room and lock themselves in.

In Rome, Andrew leads a group of Slayers through the catacombs under the city.  As they wander through a room filled with human bones in a decorative pattern, they hear a noise in another section that Andrew decides to go check out on his own.  As Andrew shines a light in the room, he sees a bloody foot with no skin on it moving… it’s Warren.  While Andrew screams and tries to run, Warren begs him to stay.  He says that Amy is done with him and is removing the spell that replaces his skin a ittle at a time so he is in horrible pain.

Warren says that he wanted to see Andrew one last time before he dies, and that he was misled and wrong.  He really felt that if Andrew killed Jonathan that they could live as gods.  He says he feels like a fool and is ashamed, but he figures Andrew knows how that feel living with the Slayer fascists.

Andrew says it’s nothing like that, but Warren informs him that Keith Olbermann referred to them as modern day “black shirts”.  Andrew is aghast “Keith” said that.  Just as Warren says he has a proposal for Andrew, a Slayer screams “GOATMEN!  GOATMEN!” and a young Slayer falls dead near Andrew.  He turns to see a large goat creature, and Warren shouts about Amy not giving him enough time to trick Andrew.  A massive fight breaks out with Andrew shouting at the Slayers to use the decorative bones in the room as weapons.  One Slayer finally shouts there is a way out.

Next we see Buffy and Faith riding in a box car across Germany, and that they need to get to Buffy… Andrew mumbles “Buffy” as he rides in the bed of a truck with his remaining Slayers… Willow and Kennedy are asleep in bed when Willow sits upright and yells out she needs to find Buffy.

Kennedy, Willow, Xander and Dawn stand outside Buffy’s bedroom door while Willow knocks and asks if she’s alone and can they come in.  They all agree it’s a good idea to check… (remember, they all walked in on Buffy in bed with Satsu – Sean)  Once they get in, Willow deals out the bad news:

Willow: I just got an alert.  They found us.
Buffy: Who found us?
Willow: Everyone.
Buffy pauses
Buffy: Which everyone?
Willow: Giles Faith, Andrew, five Slayers from the Italian group and every demon in Scotland.
Willow: … They’re not together.
Buffy: Use your magic! Get them inside!
Dawn: Not the demons.
Buffy: Not the demons.
Dawn: Good call.

The command center of the Slayer HQ is filled with hugging reunions as Willow hugs Giles and Andrew hugs Faith.  Satsu tells Buffy they snuck them in under the barricade and that’s it for people in or out unless they get breached.

Buffy hugs Giles and tells him she’s glad he’s back and he agrees.  (Okay, another interjection here… all “season” we’ve been told they had a falling out and it was ugly, and now they just hug and that’s it? – Sean)  After Buffy wipes her tears away she wants a run down of the defenses.  Xander says he has cameras and after that it is all Willow’s magicks team, and she rattles off a long list of defenses until Satsu calls out that the demons have arrived and another Slayer says the shields are already heating up.

Xander’s camera are quickly taken out so everyone heads to the roof as Willow has Wicca-Slayers up there alreadyw ith three layers of shielding.  Once they get up there we see just how many demons there are, and there is a bunch.  Xander spots they’ve brought siege engines with them to take the castle, and as Buffy makes a comment about midevial tech, a tank begins to roll across the bridge to the castle. Willow calls out for the birdge spell to go down and suddenly the land bridge disappears, dropping the tank and numerous demons into the water.

They think they have this won since this only leaves them with catapults, and then they see they are loading those with napalm, impact bombs and more.  A Wiccan-Slayer calls out that another shield has fallen just as napalm comes at them and you see numerous Slayers on the ground fly away from the explosion.  A Wiccan-Slayer falls over in a look of shock, Willow says she’s got brain-fry and is dead.

Satsu bring up a demon prisoner and Willow leaps at him saying she’s take him and both of them disappear in a crackle of pink energy.  Giles wonders where they went while Faith is ready to jump into the fray and Buffy says something has to be done as girls are dying.  Willow returns and says that a certain skinless demon just told her that they are all using the magicks as a beacon.  Just then the Wiccan-Slayers call out that the final shield is down and Buffy calls for everyone to head to the submarine.

We cut to Buffy and Giles talking on the sub where Buffy is defending Willow’s methods of getting the information, but Giles interjects that Buffy is going to lose Willow again, to which Buffy replies that he doesn’t know the half of it.  Buffy fills him on her trip to the future and how she had to kill Future Dark Willow.  Giles says normally he would be asked to be convinced, but he figured they don’t have the time to discuss it.  They move on to how the magicks are acting like a beacon to Twilight, and Buffy begins to wonder if maybe people are right about them being evil, and as she ponders it, Faith walks in asking if they know where they’re heading.  Giles says “no”, but Buffy says “yes” and says they need Willow to cast one last big spell, but they are going somewhere to be with a person who is about the most non-magic person around.

A shrine in the mountains, calm, peaceful, a man sits on the porch meditating until a wind chime tings, and his eye pops open.  In front of the shrine, on dry land, sits a submarine.

Oz says “huh”.

Okay… you know, I’ve complained about the stand-alone issues, but this issue is the first of a new story arc and I feel like I have been raced through a ton of events here.  What is the story behind Giles and Buffy now?  When did Twilight discover their hiding spot?  After two years of this series, it’s nice to see us finally getting back to the original story.

On a side note… I despise Georges Jeanty’s artwork.  Half the time I have to piece together who’s talking, or judge it strictly on hair color.  He is not a good artist, sorry, but it’s true.

See you back here for issue #27.

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