July 3 2009

Scattercast Episode 50 – Hello, Evil Doer…

Scattercast is 50… whoa.

I can’t believe this is episode 50, and also technically my one year anniversary since I skipped two episodes due to voice problems. Since it is such a special occasion I decided to bring in… you guessed it… M. The ever mysterious female known simply as M to my readers and listeners is back for her third episode of Scattercast. So not only do you get a longer than usual episode… and not only do you get M… but you also get the introduction of my new theme song! I actually bought the rights to use this music, so… you’re stuck with it!

– Michael Jackson died… and the media will NOT let us forget it.

Helen Thomas calls Obama administration out on social media smokescreen.

– What does Perez Hilton’s traffic numbers say about America?

– Are you even aware of what is going on in Ft. Worth? Probably not.

– M makes fun of me… big surprise.

Here is to another 50 episodes! Thanks to everyone who tunes in each week!


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  • Meaghan

    Sorry to say that I do NOT like the theme music. That doesn't mean I don't still love you… just hate the music.

    MJ: Love him, hate him… he was a fantastic performer and should be remember as such! Not that I would have ever let my children visit him. Then again, I'm one of those "nervous moms".

    Jon & Kate… why does anyone care? Nearly every reality show curses the relationship of the adults involved. Google (or Bing) it. I expect it now.

    I really wonder what happened at that club in Fort Worth. Mr. Gibson sounds very vilified… groping an officer and treated for alcohol poisoning. It sounds so sensationalized and oh so typical of local coverage. I'm interested in how the national news will cover it, if they cover it at all.

    The last thing I heard was M is painting her living room. I had to go to bed. I do understand how you can get lost in that kind of project. I painted our whole house in 2 wks. It was like an obsession. Very cathartic.

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  • m is the word

    i was eating dinner during this. sorry for the noise. :P

    • And yet you were still able to pick on me between bites… good job!

      • m is the word

        it's a talent. thank you.

        • Sean P. Aune

          -rolls eyes- Only 24 episodes until the torture continues.