July 7 2009

Are We All Done Now?

jackson casketAre we all done now?

Can we stop throwing ourselves in to hysterics over some singer?  Can we stop with the wall-to-wall coverage?  The live updates?  No more ‘chimpclusives‘?  In short, can we just get past the embarrassment that has been this grotesque spectacle that was the Michael Jackson funeral?  The man’s casket cost $25,000 for crying out loud, how is that even remotely normal?  It was gold plated!

I understand marking the passing of an entertainer you’ve enjoyed, heck, I do it all the time around here with people like George Carlin, Paul Newman, Lux Interior and so on.  The difference is that I make that post, mark their passing… and get on with my life.  This has been 12 days of non-stop coverage that has been sickening.

I know I already asked you all to stop, but instead it just got worse.  For the first time I can ever remember, I turned off Twitter for several hours today as I was getting multiple play-by-play reports from people I follow.  One was bad enough, but ten of them was just over my breaking point, and off Twitter went.

He was a singer, a talented one, but still just a singer.  He made music you enjoyed, fine, but what did he ever do besides live his life to obscene excess and be vilified by the media?  Oh, you do all remember that don’t you?  The media spent years making this man out to be a monster, but the day he died we get soft focus images of him with heartfelt music about “the king of pop”, and what a wonderful person he was.  Thanks media for being a complete and utter sell out.

There are soldiers dying in wars across the planet.

Unemployment is approaching a 26 year high in the United States.

There are children starving to death in third-world countries.

The police in Ft. Worth are beating bar patrons apparently for their sexual orientation.

Iran is still in civil unrest.

China is cutting off the Internet to keep news from getting out of ethnic cleaning going on.

But, you know, really, lets spend 12 days doing nothing but talking about a man who is as well known for his mental issues as he was for his ability to sing.  Fine, you’ve had your little crying jag, you had your giant spectacle today in the form of his memorial service., can we just get back to paying attention to the things in this world that actually matter to people?  Can me move on to subjects in the news that actually impact your lives?

Twelve days… twelve freakin’ days… enough already folks, it’s over.

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