July 12 2009

What A Strange Journey The Past Year Has Been

fearandloathingReflections can happen at the oddest times, like when you log in to your blog to think about what to write for that day.

Whenever you log in to a WordPress powered blog, you see the main Dashboard page, and one of the things it shows you is posts you did on that same date in past years. Well, a year ago today I was in Seattle, WA (and writing thoughts about the city that did not please all of my readers) for the SummerMash event hosted by Mashable, and that made me think a lot about the past twelve months.

First off, I guess I have never made this overwhelmingly clear due to the number of emails I still get about it every week, but I’m no longer at Mashable.  I searched my archives and see that I only made one very tiny mention of it in a post, but I have left Mashable effective April 1st of this year.

I wasn’t fired, and I didn’t exactly quit, Pete Cashmore, the owner of the company, and I kind of reached an amicable understanding that we weren’t perfectly matched any more.  I had been hired to do list posts (you can still see the archive of my work), and after having done around 400 of them, I was feeling very burned out on them as they are extremely mind numbing work, and Pete felt we had pretty much played out the category due to the speed with which I had worked through the available list subjects.  He did offer my the chance to stay on with the company after I expressed my desire to just make a break of it, but I needed a change of scenery.  So, no hard feelings on either side, we just weren’t in the same places work wise any more.

So, I walked out of Mashable, and… had another job doing lists at SitePoint within a day or two.  Yes, I am still doing lists because I seem to have the ability to withstand doing them.   I have no clue why, but I seem to be one of the few people in the tech blogging industry that can take the grind of doing them, and believe me, they are a grind.  As SitePoint is far more technical in nature, the lists are extremely different from what I was doing at Mashable, and due to the amount of research I need to do for each one, I only have to do one a week compared to the four a week I had been doing previously.

I also went back to whom I had worked with previous to signing my exclusive contract with Mashable.  I had been told I had an open invitation to return, and sure enough I dropped them an email saying I was available again, and I was back with them in the very first reply.  While they have shuffled me around a bit as they try to rearrange their writers, I seem to have settled in to seven posts a week at and two posts a week at  I am also doing some lists for them (what can I say, I got it, I flaunt it), but they are at a pace of my choosing, so there is no pressure on doing them.

You can also find me here on this site every day, and every day at  I am starting a couple of more blogs (announcements very soon, and they are actually up and in “testing mode” at the moment), my work with The Cynical Bastards and I just applied for another blog that I won’t name as I doubt I will get the job, but boy do I want it as I read it every day.

So, yes, a year ago I really didn’t see myself leaving Mashable, but it really was the best option for both parties when the time came up to renew my contract.  And I know this seems like a lot of work I’m doing, but I think I’ve got juggling down to an art now… although I do have to occasionally look up at my white board where I write my schedule and go, “Who in the hell am I blogging for today?!?”, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I like changing up what I’m writing each day, hopping around keeps me a bit more fresh I feel than doing lists and only lists, so I think I’ve found a good balance now of lists and regular articles.

Now, lets see where I am a year from now…

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