July 13 2009

I’ve Joined SiliconANGLE As The Head Of Their Mobile Division

saNewLogoWell, I have a small addendum to yesterday’s What A Strange Journey The Past Year Has Been post: I got another job.

Effective today I am working at SiliconANGLE as the head of their new mobile division.  Yes, you heard me, “head of the division.  Or as Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins put it to me in an IM conversation today:

Rizzn: we’re looking for contributors for your department.
Rizzn: you’ll have underlings.

I really wish he had said “minions”.  I’ve always wanted me some of those.

The division will be covering mainly mobile application development and monetization news for developers.  I’ll again hand it over to Mark to describe my job from his announcement article:

Sean is joining our staff as of this week to help us boot up a new vertical of coverage in the mobile sector, focusing on mobile monetization.  He’ll primarily be doing weekly wrap-ups of what’s hot in the mobile device sector, with an eye on angles that app developers looking to monetize might find interesting or useful.

We’re also looking for more contributors to work with him, as he’ll be the section editor for all that falls under the the Mobile category button up on the top of the site. If you’re interested, sign up for an account here, and join the “Mobile” group.

Please do join the Mobile group, I need more minions underlings.

I have one more resume floating out there in the world right now, and if I get that job I’m thinking I will call it a day on applying for any more positions… maybe.

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