July 14 2009

Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition Includes Working Night Vision Goggles

modern warfare 2You know, when I think about video games, I think, “Man, I wish they came with working night vision goggles…” Yay for Infinity Ward!

While I am about as excited for this game as a human can possibly get, even I have to go “huh?”  Yes, yes, you use night vision goggles in the game, but to actually include a working set with the game seems a bit over the top.  You can of course get the standard release of the game for $60, “The Hardened Edition” which comes in a steel case for $80 and then you can go for the Prestige Edition for $149.99 which gets you the goggles, the hardened edition and an art book.

I’m all for giving fans what they want, but… really… working night vision?  This implies that gamers actually go outside at times or turn off their TVs to actually make it dark in their house… we all know niether of those things ever happen.

More info below in the video.

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