July 19 2009

How To Get Laughed Out Of A Biker Bar

dark knight motorcycle suitHave you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “Man, I want to walk into a biker bar and get my ass kicked! What is the shortest path to getting that done?!?”… look to the right.

Gizmodo found this little gem being produced by Universal Designs.  While there is no price announced yet, I’m imagining it won’t be cheap.  Just take a look a gander at some of the information about it:

Who in the world is the target demographic for this thing?  Somehow I don’t see many comic book geeks being bikers, and I don’t see a whole lot of bikers wanting a bat emblem on their chest and the hooks coming off of the gauntlets.  This one is really a head scratcher, and I’ve seen some wacky product tie-ins in my day, but this one ranks pretty high on the list for sure.

Now… if I could just have a Bat Pod to drive while wearing it..

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