July 21 2009

First Images Of Matt Smith As Doctor Who

Doctor Who titleIt’s that magical time in every Doctor Who fan’s life where we get to see the first pictures of the next regeneration, and the first pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor are… odd.

I have to say on first seeing these new pictures of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor in costume are just kind of… blah.  Although, points for my mother who said, “Well, at least he isn’t wearing a piece of celery.”  (A reference to Peter Davinson as the fifth Doctor)  I don’t so much mind the bow tie, but the jacket is annoying the heck out of me.  Sure they can’t all wear long coats, but the tenth Doctor (Christopher Eccelston) at least had a bit longer of one.  I don’t know, this outfit is just not doing anything for me.

Also in these shots are the first images of Karen Gillan as new companion Amy Pond, and a slightly redesigned TARDIS.  You can see more pictures at IO9, but be warned there is a spoiler to the first story of Matt Smith’s Doctor in them as someone returns from last season.

Updated 1/02/09 You can now see video of David Tennant’s regeneration.

Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor Who

The jacket is so not working for me.

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.  Like the “young” feel, although she does remind me a bit of Ace from Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with the new Doctor

Karen Gillian and Matt Smith between takes in front of the remodeled TARDIS.

Matt Smith and the TARDIS

Another shot of Matt Smith with the TARDIS, it looks a bit more “blocky”

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith behind the scenes of Doctor Who

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith behind the scenes of the first new Doctor Who episode starring both.

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