July 22 2009

First Image Released From Nightmare On Elm Street Remake

nightmare_on_elm_streetIt’s time for Hollywood to make another classic movie and make me question the sanity of the entire movie industry.

I am almost always against remakes and “reimaginings”, but the upcoming remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street seems moderately interesting. Since Wes Craven, the original creator of the series, is back on writing chores, I have some hope, and the casting of Jackie Earle Haley (most recently seen as Rorschach in Watchmen) seems a decent replacement for the original Freddy Krueger actor, Robert Englund.

What sparks this particular post is the image at the bottom.  This is the first teaser image released from the film which is due in theaters on April 16, 2010. When you hear of Hollywood doing a remake, you always expect little changes, but in this case there appear to be… none? He’s got the glove… he’s got the hat… and if you look really close, it looks like the sweater is still red and green striped, so… what’s the point of this?  Is this just going to be a relaunch to the series?  (I hate the current term of “reboot”)  If so, good luck to Rooney Mara, the replacement of Heather Langenkamp in the role of Nancy, those are some mighty big shoes to fill in the hearts of horror film fans everywhere.

I’ll give it a fair shake, but I am awfully perplexed by where they are going with the film based on this first image.  Now, someone get me a teaser trailer ASAP!

freddy first look

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