July 25 2009

Controversy Over The Erin Andrews Peephole Video

erin andrewsThe story behind the Erin Andrews peephole video is just getting silly at this point.

I have to admit that before the story about her peephole video broke, I had no clue who Erin Andrews was.  I’ve never been big into sports, and couldn’t tell you the last time I turned on ESPN, so my lack of knowledge of who she is was to be expected.  All of that changed as stories of this video cropped up online and her name appeared on every major blog out there.

For those who have somehow missed the story, Ms. Andrews is a well known personality on ESPN both for covering stories and being an attractive woman.  While in an unknown hotel room, getting ready for work, she was curling her hair and going about her business while naked.  Unbeknownst to her, there was a peephole in her room and an unknown person was shooting video of her.

The video hit the Internet, and while her identity wasn’t confirmed at first, ESPN’s legal department got involved and the video became one of the most sought after on the Web.  The first site to have it,, removed it, but it was too late, the cat was out of the bag and the video started showing up all over the Internet now that her identity had been confirmed.

While all of this is bad enough as it is, now some pundits are saying that she brought this on herself.  I shall not name who they are as they don’t need any more attention heaped on them for their words, but there has been more than one person saying that they feel the way she dresses provoked this, and if she didn’t wear such skimpy clothing while on TV this wouldn’t have happened.

There are two issues with this train of thought, the first being the peephole, as far as can be determined, was not drilled specifically for her.  There appears to be other victims of this pervert and she just got caught up in his slimy little racket.

As for the people saying the way she dresses as to blame… you are idiots.  Are you the same people who sit around and say that women who dress a certain way and then get raped deserve it?  Most of these people have now come out and said that they’re sorry this happened to her, but… But nothing!  No one deserves to have their privacy violated in such a way.  I don’t care if she showed up at work in a bikini, this does not give anyone the right to violate a person’s privacy in this manner.

Nothing like criticizing the victim who has not done one thing wrong except to be an attractive woman who happens to work on television.  This woman has been violated, and you choose to lay part of the blame on her.  Classy people… really classy.

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