Are we all done now? Can we stop throwing ourselves in to hysterics over some singer?  Can we stop with the wall-to-wall coverage?  The live updates?  No more ‘chimpclusives‘?  In short, can we just get past the embarrassment that has been this grotesque spectacle that was the Michael Jackson funeral?  The man’s casket cost $25,000… read more

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This week Steven Hodson, Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and myself took on, a full load of subjects, and got in a good amount of Gillmor’ing. – Steven introduces us to “the man wall“. – Good-bye Joost. – More on the real time web… Mark likes it… Steven and I not so much. – Judge Posner is… read more

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I’m not sure what get put in the Hollywood water system, but it seems to be some really, really good drugs. Just when I think Hollywood can’t get any more desperate for movie plots, they go one step further to a point that reaches such absurdity that it boggles the mind.  It was announced earlier… read more

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Folks, please, just… stop. I have really tried refraining from even touching on the subject of Michael Jackson, but this has now reached absurd proportions.  I can understand fans being sad at his passing, but the idea that the website set up to award tickets to his memorial service (which the fact they are giving… read more

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Scattercast is 50… whoa. I can’t believe this is episode 50, and also technically my one year anniversary since I skipped two episodes due to voice problems. Since it is such a special occasion I decided to bring in… you guessed it… M. The ever mysterious female known simply as M to my readers and… read more

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***MAJOR SPOILERS***… read more

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With only 6 months down, and 6 to go, I already have to take a moment to thank my readers for the amazing success this site is enjoying this year. Normally I do a round up of how things have gone on this blog at the end of each year, but considering the growth I’ve… read more

Sometimes I read something online that is so mind numbingly stupid that I can’t even conceive how someone reached that conclusion. Yep… this is one of those times. Over the weekend, Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch wrote up a post about how Judge Richard Posner wrote up a blog about the death of newspapers, and he… read more