August 1 2009

Ridley Scott To Direct Fifth Alien Film

alien logoWell the fifth Alien film, slated to be a prequel, just got a whole lot more interesting.

When news of a fifth Alien film being made got announced back in May, I was not overly excited by the idea at all.  Well, it appears that 20th Century Fox and Scott Free, the production company of Ridley and Tony Scott, appears to think there is something pretty exciting going on here.  Jon Spaihts, who has yet to have one of his scripts filmed, but is writing like a mad man according to Variety, pitched a stroy strong enough that he has actually gotten Ridley Scott to agree to direct it.

Yes… THAT Ridley Scott.

The director behind the original film in the Alien franchise, and of course the director of such films as Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and on and on and on.  This is huge news and has just increased my interest in this project by about a thousand percent.  Each film in the series has had a different director behind the camera, and while it really hasn’t been essential to have the same people working on the film, having Ridley Scott back on the series just feels right somehow, like we’ve come full circle.

The storyline is still said to be a prequel to the original 1979 film, but no other details are available beyond that at this point.  While there would be ways to work Sigourney Weaver into the story (narrating, researching history, etc), it seems unlikely that the character of Ripley will appear in this film, although a shot of the mining ship approaching the planet at the close of the film would make a nice tie-in to the story that everyone knows, but even that isn’t really necessary.

Alright Mr. Scott, if you hae faith in the project, so do I… please don’t let down the legions of Alien fans now.

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