August 2 2009

Don’t Use Google To Search For Illegal Files You Morons

true blood torrentsI’ve mentioned in the past that I am fascinated by Google Trends. Being able to see a snap shot of what people are looking for is like an odd little snapshot into the lies of the Internet in general.  However, sometimes you see things that just make you go, “Really?  Are you all this stupid?”

While I am never going to endorse the use of illegal torrent files, let me give you all a clue here: if you find a torrent through a public search engine such as Google, there’s a good chance that it either contains a virus or may be a trap to track your IP address.  HBO has been fairly strict about hunting down torrent users in the past, so if you’re going to use a public search to find a publicly reachable file… it kinda screams “TRAP” to me.

I know a lot of people have turned to torrents as an option for watching their favorite television shows, but do yourself a favor and at least educate yourself about general safety of their use if you’re going to do it.  And, honestly, unless it is something like True Blood, just don’t do it (even then, don’t do it), there are too many legal ways to watch TV shows on the Internet for freenow.

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