August 4 2009

Sopranos Movie Rumors Resurface

sopranos castIt seemed like we were safe from these rumors when they died out after the series finale of The Sopranos, but all of a sudden they are rising from the depths like some sort of zombie mobster.

Lorraine Bracco, who payed Tony Soprano’s shrink, Dr. Melfi, has been talking about the possibility of a big screen version of the hit television series.  The New York Daily News recently asked her about the rumors of the hold up being Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, “I don’t think it’s that at all,”  Bracco told the paper, “I think it’s really trying to get the right script. Without the right script, it’s really not worth doing.”

HBO apparently has no comment, but Steve Van Zandt, who played Tony Soprano consigliere Sil, has made some cryptic comments about his character, who was hanging on for life at the end of the series, still being alive.  It could just be his own thoughts, or it might have something to do with the rumored script, who knows at this point.

There is no doubt this was a great series, but there is absolutely no where a movie could go that would interest me.  It would also completely negate the powerful ending of the series we were left with that allowed the viewer to decide what happened next to Tony.  Did he get whacked in the diner?  Did he live and go on to run all of Jersey (they never flat out said this was a possibility, but considering how much of the Jersey crews had been whacked, he almost would have to)?  Did he just stay with his crew?  A film would just feel tacked on to me.  What could possibly be accomplished in a two or two and a half hour movie that would improve on this landmark series?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

This would be a complete dice roll, and the odds of hitting something spectacular are pretty slim.  So, please, to all the people involved, leave us with those 86 fabulous episodes and call it a day.  Even one more minute of footage will totally wash away what we had.

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    I think you are an idiot for most of what you said…….. This was the greatest show ever and a movie would interest tens of millions of people accross the world… The heck with you and your slamminng the Sopranos

    • I'm slamming the potential for the movie to damage the legacy of the series, not The Sopranos as a whole.

  • mma addict

    I agree with some of what you said but all in all one some is going to be brilliant enough to write a good screenplay and bada bing! It's what everyone wants, some closure, so why now give it to us?

  • eddie in pittsburgh

    a good movie can come from this with a good script.I think 90 percent of fans want so why not give it to them..

  • Guy

    I also would like to see a continuation of the story. It did leave a lot of unanswered storylines. If you remember, Tony was also under possible FBI indictment with Carlo MIA. Why can they make a movie of that stupid Sex and The City . Do we really need to see 4 over the hill whores and their sexual exploits again. The Sopranos is realistic and exciting and gives the rest of the country a glimpse of what Mob life and life on the east coast is really like. If each season didn't ruin the legacy from the previous year, then a movie will not either. If this story is too rough for you princess, then dont watch it and keep your comments to your pansy self. Let the rest of us enjoy it.