August 6 2009

George Sodoni YouTube Videos Just Deepen The Mystery

george sodoniThe mystery of George Sodoni’s life just gets darker and more depressing with each passing day.

The George Sodoni YouTube videos that have been discovered just seem to reveal an even more depressing view of this man’s life.  The first one seems to be some sort of “think positive” video about himself.  I’m not a psychologist, so I can’t say for sure, but that sure seems to be what it feels like on first viewing of it.  He talks as if there is already a woman in his life, but from what we know, there wasn’t.  Listening to it I would almost say this type of talk was a “beliee there is a woman in your life and there will be” type exercise.

The second one is a tour of his home and belongings that makes you think he was trying to impress someone in an infomercial type pitch of “Look what I can provide you with.”  He does make a reference to “I’ve bought all this since I joined the list”, so I’m thinking he was on some sort of mailing list or Usenet group, which also means probably more information will begin to trickle out about what was happening with this man.

The house tour video.

What this man did to those innocent women was despicable, but you can’t help but feeling a bit sad when you watch these, almost a sense of pity. Does it excuse what he did? Of course not, and nothing ever could, but you really have to wonder what brought this guy to this point in his life.

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