August 10 2009

Chicago Radio Station Collects Notorious Teacher Sex Scandals Photos

wbbmYou know, I may be scratching my head for quite some time over why a Chicago radio station felt the need to collect images of teacher sex scandals in to a photo gallery on its web site.

WBBM News Radio 780, a CBS station in Chicago decided to launch a photo gallery of “Notorious Teacher Sex Scandal Photos” with no real clear reason why or as to what purpose it serves.  People who read my blog know that I talk about teacher sex scandals quite often, but I have also made my reasons as to why I do so very clear.  WBBM’s photo gallery is nothing but pictures with short blurbs attached them about who each woman is and only the most salacious of the facts about their case in the caption with the picture.  In short it reeks of glamorizing this disturbing problem we have seen more and more of over the past few years.

Don’t believe me?  Go and flip through it for yourself for a minute.  Gee, kinda funny how every teacher gets only one picture until you hit the poster child of the “hot teacher” brigade, Debra Lafave.  Ms. Lafave has three separate pictures in the gallery.  Pamela Rogers, another teacher known for her very femme appearance?  Three images.

Even the whole look of the gallery is very slapdash.  Under a picture of Amber S. Jennings there is a note that says “** ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, OCT. 21 ** **FILE**”… you couldn’t be bothered to edit out the AP photo pool notes?  Nice work there, Sparky.

Who knows, maybe they had legit reasons for doing this photo gallery, but it just has the feeling of being exploitative in the worst possible way.  And if it had any sort of reason as to why it was up, that would go a long way to quelling my queasy feeling as to the motivations behind the idea, but for now I am going with, “lets glamorize teacher sex!”

… ew

Thanks to Jo from Jo’s Cafe for emailing me the tip on this

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