August 11 2009

Miley Cyrus Pole Dances Her Way Through The Teen Choice Awards

miley-cyrus-pole-dancingApparently Miley Cyrus has a new talent she wanted to demonstrate to all of her tween fans at the Teen Choice Awards this week.

Does any one remember back in April 2008 when every one was in an uproar over the Vanity Fair pictures of Miley Cyrus?  People were saying that Annie Leibovitz had over sexualized the then 15-year-old girl with her portraits of her.  Ms. Cyrus herself said that she was coerced into the most “scandalous” of the portraits that showed her bare back.

Flash forward 16 months and at the Teen Choice Awards and we are treated to Miley Cyrus pole dancing.  Yes… pole dancing.  She is wearing short shorts, prancing around, and at one point steps on to a portable stage on wheels with a pole, and she begins doing some basic stripper moves.

Yes folks, this is the girl who you have just plunked down money for her clothing line at Walmart and her face is staring at you from your young daughter’s newly purchased file folder for the upcoming school year.

Does this make a horrible person?  Of course not, but what it does is make me question whomever is making these choices for her.  And whoever watches over her needs to be smacked around.  Do remember this girl has had numerous pictures “leaked” on her MySpace page of her in her underwear taking pictures of herself in a mirror or in a shower, she’s dated a 20-year-old and now she’s taken up pole dancing as an apparent hobby.

How about instead of having your kids idolize some pre-packaged Disney product, you instead spend time with them and talk to them, do activities with them and keep them away from whatever piece of tripe Disney is going to force down your throat next.

Anyway, here is the Miley Cyrus pole dancing video as shot by a fan in the audience so you can check it out for yourself, but remember, it was all Annie Leibovitz’s fault she was sexualized.

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  • Facepalm

    You're a moron. Just saw the video – would hardly call that pole dancing. It's funny how you can take one snap shot and blow it out of proportion.

    • Oh yes, anonymous comments carry so much weight with me. You have completely changed my view of this. Phew, what would I do without your deep insights? Go play with your Hannah Montana dolls and come back once you hit puberty.

    • No need for name calling.

    • c.j.m.

      i agree. i thought she would be twirling around that thing, but she just squatted once and did a little hip shake…yeah, people over react. BUT STILL its pushing it with the pole.

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  • Hey chief.

    I dunno – I've seen a lot of pole dances in my day. The picture makes it look a lot worse than the video – if i were at the club and that's the extent of the dancing I got for my crisp $1 bill, I'd ask for it back.

    Just sayin'.

  • Fernando

    Yeah…that pole was there SO SHE WOULDN"T FALL. That was not a pole dance. Look, Miley's not perfect, there's some shady things going on there. But people need to quit hating just to hate. I guess Britney and Lindsay don't make big enough splashes anymore, people need to make a big deal about Miley.

  • amba

    I think this is awsome. She is growing up but, as saying shes pole dancing. She didnt do anything but stand by the pole. Pole dancing is spinning r doing flips on the pole. This is not that bad for the young kids.

  • sam

    no so instead of going on a pole why not walk i mean why a pole and why go down on it i mean okey if she just held on it and maybe walked around it it would have bein okey but going down it and stuff yeah this might not have bein that bad but can all you guys that stand up for her can you explain the almost nekkid pics of her on her my space wear 1,000 people and kids can see it thats pretty bad to me

  • mother

    Sorry folks doesn't any one see the big picture. The millions of little girls that are hypnotized with little darling Hannah Montana image over the last couple of years only to have her and how many others, lead them into a world of overly suggestive sexuality. Comparing themselves with things only stars get away with. Yes I know it is a parents job to raise and direct their children to higher and moral ground. But these churned out Disney money makers are like pied pipers stealing the innocents of the 5 to 12 age group and leading the young teens into what is supposed to be perceived as normal acceptable behavior. All on the tide of your hard earned cash. Whats next crotch shots. She can do what ever her talent leads her to do but don't take the imagination of the youngest girls with you. Disney you are the worst when it comes to money and selling out families to unwholesome ventures for profit. Where is the dignity of todays young ladies going to end up.

  • Kim

    That was so far from pole dancing I don't even know where to begin. The pole was there clearly to keep her falling off the moving prop.

    I'm sorry people but this is not the 1800's anymore. Deal with it!

  • Incredible larry

    the girl could show a little less leg for her age, but she is hardly acting like a stripper. Stop letting the media distort your perception by filling your head with shady falsehoods. This is trash, and nothing more. we should be criticizing our governments roll in the atrocities of the world, not some teen idols dance moves. This is the type of stuff that keeps us quiet about politics. "Go back to sleep america, watch American Gadiators! GO BACK TO SLEEP AMERICA! YOU ARE FREE , TO DO WHAT WE TELL YOU!" – Bill Hicks

  • lewis

    cough cough shes sick of being hannah montana, and is showing that she isnt her and wants to grow up

  • Kirsty815

    She was elevated so the crowd could see her and the pole was there so she didn't fall. It's just the media blowing things out of proportion once again. She's a teenager people! I've seen a few interviews with her and she seems like a pretty well put together kid. You always have the choice not to watch her.

  • Melissa

    What a tramp!

  • Jessika

    wow. way to make a big deal over NOTHING.
    i swear the media can be soo over dramatic sometimes.
    one little move and she gets wayy over critisized.

    i tottally support you Miley.
    eff the media.
    they're just bored.
    keep rockin girl.

  • alaynna

    wow, i dont care if she likes pole dancing!u go girl! but kids are whaching you as a leader and what do you think little kids are going to think now the hannah/miley does pole dancing. but whatever you do what you want and have fun

  • luver not a fighter

    i agree people are blowing this way out of proportion! but when little kids under the age of 10 look up to her for a role model they're gonna think that its ok to do that! she can go have fun and do wateva she wants but just age appropriate for the little ones that look up to her!
    still luv her tho!

  • It's weird to see an 16y old girl performing a lap dance