August 11 2009

Miley Cyrus Pole Dances Her Way Through The Teen Choice Awards

miley-cyrus-pole-dancingApparently Miley Cyrus has a new talent she wanted to demonstrate to all of her tween fans at the Teen Choice Awards this week.

Does any one remember back in April 2008 when every one was in an uproar over the Vanity Fair pictures of Miley Cyrus?  People were saying that Annie Leibovitz had over sexualized the then 15-year-old girl with her portraits of her.  Ms. Cyrus herself said that she was coerced into the most “scandalous” of the portraits that showed her bare back.

Flash forward 16 months and at the Teen Choice Awards and we are treated to Miley Cyrus pole dancing.  Yes… pole dancing.  She is wearing short shorts, prancing around, and at one point steps on to a portable stage on wheels with a pole, and she begins doing some basic stripper moves.

Yes folks, this is the girl who you have just plunked down money for her clothing line at Walmart and her face is staring at you from your young daughter’s newly purchased file folder for the upcoming school year.

Does this make a horrible person?  Of course not, but what it does is make me question whomever is making these choices for her.  And whoever watches over her needs to be smacked around.  Do remember this girl has had numerous pictures “leaked” on her MySpace page of her in her underwear taking pictures of herself in a mirror or in a shower, she’s dated a 20-year-old and now she’s taken up pole dancing as an apparent hobby.

How about instead of having your kids idolize some pre-packaged Disney product, you instead spend time with them and talk to them, do activities with them and keep them away from whatever piece of tripe Disney is going to force down your throat next.

Anyway, here is the Miley Cyrus pole dancing video as shot by a fan in the audience so you can check it out for yourself, but remember, it was all Annie Leibovitz’s fault she was sexualized.

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