August 15 2009

Chima Simone Quits Big Brother 11

chima_simoneThe rumors are true folks, Chima Simone is no longer on Big Brother 11.

Although I long ago quit doing reality television news, this was just too good to pass up mentioning.

For those who need to be caught up, on Thursday’s episode of Big Brother 11, Jeff Schroeder used a special power given to him by the viewers, the Coup D’Etat. This allowed him to over throw the current Head of Household (HoH), Chima Simone, nominations and replace either one or both of the current nominees with his own selections. He chose to replace Lydia Tavera and Russell Kairouz with Natalie Martinez and Jessie Godderz, with Jessie being his ultimate target.  By a vote of 3-to-2, Jessie was evicted, and Michele Noonan became the new HoH.

Chima was quite angry about her nominations being over turned, and as Thursday night wore on, and she and Lydia & Natalie mourned Jessie’s eviction in something akin to a cult leader dying, Ms. Simone reportedly considered quitting the game. Big Brother staff talked her out of it, and she stayed in the game.

When Friday rolled around, Chima, Lydia and Natalie, now known by fans as the Bitches/Witches of Eastwick, continued their mourning and attempted to rattle the other house guests by doing things such as taking over the lone washer and dryer and washing one pair of socks at a time. They also stole other house guests property and hid it around the house, conspired to slip red M&Ms into Michele’s food as she is allergic to red food dye and numerous other antics.

Things escalated even more as Michele announced her nomination for possible eviction this week, and she put up Chima and Natalie with the hopes that Chima would be the one evicted.

Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, things escalated as Chima began refusing to listen to the requests of Big Brother, and when told to put on her microphone pack, she instead threw it in to the hot tub. She was later told to get a replacement mic from the storage room, which she also refused to do. Fellow house guest Kevin Campbell eventually retrieved it for her, and again Ms. Simone refused to put on her mic. She did finally concede to that request, but only after her fellow alliance members begged her to do so.

Around 12:30 AM PST, the live feeds were cut and people who watch the live feeds (myself included, and all of these accounts of what happened are from my watching) were treated to what is known as FotH, Fish of the House, where Big Brother forces us to watch the fish in the aquarium, for a little over an hour and half.  When the feeds returned, I was in bed, but the house guests reported that Ms. Simone had indeed left the house and would not be returning to the game.

It is unclear at this time if she left of her own accord or was removed by the producers of the show, but either way, she is no longer a part of the game.  As the game had now moved on to the Jury portion, she will not be included in the Jury, and will have no vote in who the ultimate winner of the game is.

This week was a planned Double Eviction, meaning that two house guests would be evicted.  The way this usually works is that one is voted out at the beginning of the live episode on Thursday and then an HoH and Power of Veto competition are quickly played to nominate the next two potential evictees.  The night then finishes off with another HoH being played for the next week.  As Ms. Simone has left the game, Mrs. Noonan has been removed as HoH and another competition is to be held prior to Thursday to keep the show on schedule.

Having watched this show for 11 seasons, I can tell you that Ms. Simone’s actions in the house have been some of the most atrocious ever seen.  She has been referring to Mr. Kairouz as a “terrorist” for some time now as they do not get along and he is of Lebanese descent.  She carried this further on Thursday night referring to him as “a Muslim extremist” and she likened herself to the World Trade Center.  Her flagrant disregard for the requests from Big Brother producers were merely icing on the cake for her antics.

CBS is expected to make a formal announcement at some point, and footage is sure to be shown on the Sunday and Tuesday editions of the series.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick, CBS has made an official statement:

Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.

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